In Game Moderation after 3.0

It’s not only that. First of all for pvp you gotta find servers which aren’t either dead after a week or dead to begin with. Then they have 371874 different settings you may not like. 377174 additional rules you may not like. So out of the million privates suddenly there are like 3 left you could play on because you like the rules, settings etc. Now it still comes down to if the admins are fair or not. It’s just not as easy to find a private that fits your playstyle like people make it out to be.

And no, you can’t “just” open your own one. It’s hard to reach a point where your server has a steady, big enough community at least for pvp. And it’s even harder on your mental to maintain that server. And also you gotta throw a certain amount of money in. It’s just not that simple.



In order for a private server to be successful there needs to be:
• dedicated Admin or team
• marketing and design
• social media knowledge
• knowledge of mods if implemented and how to debug
• implementation of a ticket or pseudo ticket system
• conflict resolution skills
• programming knowledge is a huge plus

As someone who works for a living not only would I be putting my hard earned cash that I use to LIVE to open and maintain the server, I’d also have to devote a portion of my personal time to ensuring the server runs smoothly and has enough scope. Which means I won’t be able to play as much as I like. I also don’t like admins playing on their own server so I’d be in that bunch too.

I digress. Private servers are not the answer to the current report meta.


It’s a game, right, not a personal reflection of you. I’m not trying to insult you. Imagine my ally Victor had been watching my decay, but was unwilling to “pull” it. He rides by, right as the bags appear, but you take them instead. If Victor accused you of stealing them, it would not be an unfair accusation.

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Regarding the stole I stay divided, for the moment, from my point of view, it remains a rule of the game and I think that everyone can not use it or enjoy it. I like to have the choice and we have it, it’s still a possibility and not an obligation and it’s beautiful.

That’s what I like to have a choice and understand. Sometimes I loot, sometimes I miss and I do nothing. And depending on my feeling, my sensitivity, my mood of the moment, the environment and the players… it sometimes disappointed me, sometimes brought the joy of discovering objects that I had not had.

Then when I see a base go up in smoke I often tell myself what a waste, so when I pick up an abandoned city, it’s a bit like giving a continuity even if it does not lead nowhere for the moment.

edit parce que inspiration et … musique dans la tête

donc , bonne nuit ou bonjour ou bonne après-midi , bon jeu , amusez vous bien, et si vous devez vous tapez dessus n’oubliez pas de passer par la taverne pour arroser ça ^^


You play pvp man :wink:. Pvp meant to be this way, your death my thrive :man_shrugging:. I just don’t do it because I don’t need it, even in pvp :wink:.

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Many of us have asked and debated what sort of clarification you all need and none of you have been able to agree on what exactly that is, nor have been able to articulate it in a way that isn’t in itself vague. This is the entire irony of the situation. You ask for Funcom to be less vague, but are in turn too vague for them to understand exactly what you need.

At some point you all need to understand and accept that Funcom simply doesn’t have the ability to explain it any further down to meet your needs. This is the issue when humans communicate with other humans. It is also a problem when a culture speaks with another culture, doubly so when the languages being used are not first languages.

To put it shortly, these are game designers, not social workers.

Personally I would say to err on the side caution when it comes to interpretation of rules. This is always the best practice when in any establishment or institution that has policy, regulation, law, or rules. I’m reminded of the grooming standards of AR 670-1 of the US Army concerning mustaches for male soldiers. What one NCO believes is in regulation another may not. It was simply easier as a lower enlisted to just keep the damn thing shaven off. That is a successful organization that has been around for over two centuries and yet has way more issues with rule interpretation (interpretation of AR 670-1 is only a small example) than a Funcom rented Conan Exile Official Server.

But if it is that important to many of you. I’m sure your local jurisdiction does have the aforementioned social worker that can probably reasonably interpret those rules and guidelines for you in a way that will make somewhat better sense.

But again, my advice on erring on the side of caution is probably a good idea, even then. And I would definitely worry about one’s own self, and not what ‘others get away with’. I’ve always held the philosophy of ‘keeping one’s own house clean’ in that regard, rather than worrying over some abstract notion of fairness.

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Yep, pvp can be barbaric.

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And you won’t get us to “agree” on it, just like you won’t get PVP players to “agree” on what exactly is the problem with PVP balance, because the agreement you expect doesn’t happen in random discussions on an Internet forum. The kind of agreement you want requires a bunch of meetings between a number of people chosen to represent a (hopefully fair) mix of people who need something to happen, during which they keep working towards a definition that will be good enough for everyone involved even though it doesn’t completely satisfy anyone.

In short, compromise requires lots of effort.

They don’t actually need us to explain exactly what we need, they just need to recognize certain common elements and try to improve on those.

Of course, that won’t actually satisfy people on the forums, but nothing ever does. As long as there’s constant improvement, it’s worth doing. That’s what they’ve been doing with the whole game since the beginning: improve it little by little, despite all the raging that these improvements aren’t coming fast enough, aren’t comprehensive enough, or aren’t good enough.

At some point, yes. Not at this point. Like I’ve stated before, I have personally seen questions that still need answering. And the way I personally define “need answering” in this case is:

  • I don’t know the answer
  • the answer seems important
  • they were asked in good faith by people who don’t have a track record of asking bad-faith questions

That being said, those that I can find at this point are extremely few. Most of the so-called unresolved questions I’ve seen posted these days were unanswerable things like “exactly how many blocks is a bridge allowed to span” and many of them were posted by people who have already established a track record of asking bad-faith questions.

Oh, come on. First of all, maybe it’s the game designers who defined those rules, but it’s not them who have to enforce them. So even if we take this weird assumption that “game designers can’t communicate like social workers”, there would still be other people involved who would be capable of that kind of communication.

But even that assumption is wrong. I’ve personally had the privilege to work with several game designers who were excellent at communication. In fact, a good game designer has to be good at communication, because they have to explain their vision to the rest of the team and provide guidance and resolve questions, doubts, and conflicts.

Look, the situation is neither as horrible as some of the people here would like us to believe, nor as resolved and clear-cut as you keep implying.

Are the rules vague? Somewhat, in the sense that the spirit of the rules is more important than the letter, and the rules have been written with that in mind.

Are there open questions? Some. There have been many good questions about the rules, and a lot of them have been answered. Some are still open, and they should be answered, but even those that have been answered are not easily discoverable. The answers are buried deep inside forum discussion threads that you can find only if you: 1) know that you should look for them on the forums, and 2) are expert at digging through the forums.

Is the enforcement clear and transparent enough? Hell no. If you get banned for building something, and you ask why that happened, and you don’t get an answer that tells you what you built that broke the rules, where you built it, and why it broke the rules, then it’s not good enough. And I don’t say that out of idealism. I’m being pragmatic here: not only will some of those people will keep making the same mistakes, the newcomers will also keep making them.

I’ve said this before – and I’ve had sophistry and trolling hurled back at me back then, so I expect the same this time around – but the situation would be vastly improved if Funcom:

  • made a better effort to make all newcomers aware of the rules, e.g. by showing you a message with the link to the rules the first time your account (or your local installation) logged onto an official server
  • clarified the rules further, by consolidating the answers they already gave to the important questions in the same place where they’ve put existing clarifications and examples, and by answering some of the outstanding questions
  • provided more detailed information about the ban when requested

EDIT: I just realized that a lot of people will probably get upset that I said that there are very few open questions, because they were banned and they didn’t get an answer to why they were banned. I feel like I should clarify that there are very few open questions about the rules in general, not about specific bans.


un monde ouvert demande un esprit ouvert, oui il y a toujours des règles, certaines sont claires d’autres flou, concrete et abstraite ( quelque fois on peut avoir des référence par “la jurisprudence”) et il faut savoir surfer, c’est la vie… et c’est BIEN! le surf c’est COOL
chaos > équilibre > harmonie > sublimation

Alors doutez, réfléchissez, choisissez, assumez et apprenez de vos erreurs comme de vos réussites et assumez , car ici, dans le virtuel les “répercutions” sont plus que limités (ce qu’il faut comprendre > = C’EST UNE CHANCE! car en vrai ce n’est pas si facile)

Tu es ban? oui, il y a sans doute une raison , et ce que tu ne sais pas, c’est simple, c’est ce que tu n’as pas encore appris et compris… et ce n’est pas grave (surtout ici)
Désolé mais j’ai la flemme de traduire, maintenant je vais vraiment me coucher
Essayes un outil de traduction si tu as la flemme toi aussi.
Et de toute façon j’ai de l’italien dans le tête en ce moment, donc voilà

Ps: @CodeMage je te cite mais ce n’est pas pour toi mais principalement pour les lecteurs et je pense que tu l’as compris , du moins je l’espère


I agree with just about everything you said except for one small part which is just a consequence of our respective preferred game modes and the boat I’m in.

I appreciate the way you broke it all down and responded. Kudos.


Pvp is barbaric, I am not :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. The greatest reason I don’t loot is because I looooooove to farm. Farming the same things over and over again is the reason I play this game years now. All I care is be happy when I make others happy :grin:. Farming is all I do best in this game. The funniest thing my friend @Dzonatas is that when I go out to farm something for somebody else I find it easier than when I search it for me :person_facepalming:t3:. I may go for a black blood pick and grind hours maybe days until I get one and if I’ll go to replace the set for someone who lost it I might get the whole set in 3 visits… Go figure :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Trust me, it’s beautiful to help, it’s the best feeling and this game gave me hundreds of chances to do it, actually it still does and I love it m8.

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I have played a fair amount of Conan Exiles, more than some, not as much as others.
I only play on Official Servers.
Over the years, my default position to extremely large builds has been let Time be the arbiter, and generally speaking this approach has worked, and the large builds fall to dust over time, as attention wanes.

For builds that have blocked, or made access to certain areas difficult, I have taken those as a personal challenges, and tried to find creative ways to circumvent the build, usually successfully.

There are instances however, either by willful malfeasance, or novice ignorance, when some builds result in Server performace issues, or otherwise make a certain part of the game inacessible.

It is these cases where I feel that an interaction between the Player and the Company is important.
This interaction would serve to inform both parties; the Player about what the actual offending action is, and the Company about what the motivations/understanding of the Player are.

As far as reporting folks currently, I have made the decision to abstain.
My reasoning for this is that I think it is appropriate to give the Player a chance to address an issue themselves. This would involve reaching out and contacting the Player.
I am reluctant to do this currently, due to the fear that if I do reach out to a Player and ask them to reconsider a portion of their build, they will just send in a report to Zendesk about me, and I will get banned.
24/7 Game Moderation is not what I was advocating in the Original Post. Rather I think that submitted reports should be judiciously reviewed by Staff, and when it has been determined that someone has exceeded the guidelines currently in place, a dialogue between the Company and the Player should take place. This would allow the Player to have a concrete understanding why an action is being taken, as well as giving the Company an opportunity to determine if it was a good faith mistake, or someone intentionally being a bad player, and administer penalties accordingly.

Private servers while an alternative, do not guarantee a better overall experience with the game, so I am always confused when a discussion about improving things on Official Servers gets “Go to Private” responses.

Have a great day all.

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I think privates have an opportunity to “step up” tho. Personally, I have been tempted to start a pvp server and am keenly aware (from reading posts here) the concerns of pvp on private and would make every effort to address and minimize those concerns so people feel fairly treated. I think it can be done, even if challenging. A “professional” approach is what’s needed. You sir would be a brain I would try to pick if I ever pulled the trigger on this because you and a few other people around here are straight shooters and provide meaningful discussions on the topic.

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I agree in general with your reply but this:

just isn’t cutting it. Basically he (seems to be) saying they’re incapable. That’s complete and utter nonsense! I realize you go on to express and show that it is but my gawd man, such a light touch!?!

Anyone with such an absurd idea like game devs, designers, or “community leaders” can’t form clear and precise sentences needs a good thrashing IMO. Holy moly!

That they don’t in this particular case has only to do with a mindset they have assumed. And yes, they require rebuff until such time as that mindset is appropriately altered.

If you think otherwise, then why has nearly a year passed without the clarification you are looking for? That leaves two options. Either they’ve done it to the best of their ability, or they simply don’t want to. One is plausible, the other is a conspiracy theory.

I took it to mean that they’ve reached the point where the rules can’t be explained any further in general and can only be talked about in terms of individual cases. That’s why I said that I agree that we will eventually come to that point.

There’s a third option: they’ve done it well enough that it feel below their top priorities and they’ll continue working on it once those are dealt with.

I mean, let’s be realistic here, they have more data than we do and they can see if shіt’s actually on fire the way the forums would have everyone believe. Note that I’m not denying there are problems with the status quo and that there are people experiencing those problems every day. I’m simply saying that it might not really be as bad as to trump other, higher priorities.

If they actually have statistics about how many players play on official servers and how many got banned and some numbers breaking down those bans, they might have all the data they need to look at the situation and say “eh, good enough for now, we’ll fix the rest once this other, bigger storm blows over”.

No offense, but that’s the second option, said in a way that doesn’t hurt as many feelings. Let’s be honest here, it doesn’t take much time or effort to send someone to make a post. We see this on a near everday basis on many different server communities already.

But I will say this, you’re not wrong. If the servers were dying from bans or people leaving, then adjustments would likely come down rather quickly. The analytics and stats aren’t hard to see (and don’t require exotic tools to interpret).

The anecdotal evidence on the forums is there is far less problems now than there was a bit more than two years ago. It was way spicier back then.


We’re all soooooo quick to declare that this or that doesn’t take much time or effort. Hell, I often do that, too.

True, it doesn’t take much time or effort to just bash out a post. I mean, just look at how much I write on these forums :laughing:

But let me try explaining this differently: it doesn’t take much time or effort to bash out a quick Python script to do something simple, but it takes a lot more to turn it into a tool that others can use.

I see the same sentiment pop up when it comes to game features: “If modders can do X, why can’t Funcom? They’re just lazy.” No, they’re not, they simply have more to account for.

Sure, maybe it’s not too hard to write an answer to a question. But you not only have to be careful with how you phrase it if you’re supposed to represent a whole freaking company, you also have to pay extra attention to the replies, just in case some knucklehead managed to misinterpret something – often deliberately – in ways that can damage the company.

Also, we’re talking about a handful of people who have a shіtload of stuff to do apart from hanging out on the forums.

Oh, and all of the above was under the assumption that it doesn’t take that much time or effort to send someone to make the kind of post people are asking for. I don’t think that the last clarification post we’ve seen was trivial to make.

I already answered that. Right or wrong, they have assumed or adopted a mindset that is preventing them from seeing things the way players (or some players anyway) do. They think they’re doing it right. You can see this in every one of their communications (and non-communications). It’s not that their lazy or don’t want to do more, it’s CERTAINLY not the case that they are too incompetent or unable to form nice sentences. My gawd man, I’m sure you have an idea what to takes to master Unreal Engine, manage a group of developers, create semi-canonical content and develop story lines, or lead a team of server administrators, no? You’re gonna try and say they are unable or incapable in any way?

I do! I bet for sure it took only around one hour. If it were me I would have either used my own images from my own “actions” or I would have told the team i need some examples of X, Y, and Z. There’s the most difficult part right there - remembering to grab a screeny before hitting Demolish. Then pick 3 or 4 of the most expressive for each category and write some text around it. Let the guy sitting next to you proof it once, change a sentence or two and off it goes. Yeah, about an hour maybe. One of the guys or Umborls himself, did some very light image editing too so maybe 1.5 hours…

I guess the most difficult part of it all was coming to the understanding that it was needed at all. And you can see that aspect of it in some of his follow-up replies too.

Did make any difference? Did anything change? If so maybe we need a little more spice! Cuz not telling people why they were banned is unforgivable! Not telling people directly in an in-game linked ruleset with clearly worded sentences and bullet points, the kinds of things that will lead to a ban or wipe can almost be construed as evil. Somewhere between 10% and 30% of the people coming here to complain have very good reason to! All evidence points to that anyway…

The example list I used was from December of last year which goes to show how long this has been an issue, but more recent clarifications have shown one or two of those points to be only partially correct.

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I wouldn’t have made my initial post nor been active in discussions regarding the report meta if I knew the actual reasons or I was guilty.

I’ve been banned before for a ToC building mistake because someone I added to clan didn’t want to accept the ToC and the rest of us paid for it. It was actually explained to us why at that time, early on into the heavier enforcement. I learned a few things that day; as a player how to respect others in the game (even though I already did but it was too late) and as a leader how to be choosier in who I let into my fold.

I understood why, I accepted it and I learned from it.

Now? No. Not what happened 3 weeks ago. Nor what has happened to many especially in the last 2 months.