In-game statistics and lvl cap

I would suggest to add in-game statistics for every player (visible only for player) e.g. how many sandstone gathered, thralls tamed, plaeys killed etc.

Also I would suggest to increase level cap to unlimited, but you don’t receive any bonuses after level 60 (e.g. like in TESO after 950 champion level)

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What would raising level cap do if it didn’t grant any bonuses? Except break legendary chests; thus far every mod that I know that raises level cap also requires a mod that makes legendary chests openable at level 60, of you won’t be able to open them until you reach the max level, whether it’s 75, 90, 140 or 300. Imagine what would happen if there was no level cap.

Now, those statistics are something I would like to see, but I’m a crazy person who likes numbers and science and science done with numbers. But, opening those statistics could help players understand what’s going on in their game instead of falling into confirmation bias. RNG becomes easier to accept if you could see the actual number of times those “dice” have been rolled.

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Instead of an increased lvl cap just have a seperate prestige counter to tell you how much time/effort this player has spent on the current server. Since it won’t give any bonuses. It would still use the same xp system.

Yep, it’s also good idea

Increased lvl cap will give more info for new players about existent players. New players will see who is oldest player, who is newer etc.
It’s useful information when you start on new server

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Funcom would have to change that behaviour too in their code. Also they would have to look for more possible bugs to occour in their spaghetti code, because they don’t have proper quality assurance measurements.

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