In game store more bang for buck

I appreciate all the previous dlcs where we had a huge array of items for a great price but funcom this spending 10$ for 4 furniture pieces this isn’t like y’all I love the in game store and battle pass was an awesome idea a little too grindy but awesome :grin: but can we get a few more items in these bazaar purchases p.s from the bottom of my heart thank you for bringing us sorcery and giving it to us for free

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I agree, I ain’t spending $5 on 3 weapons. Even if they’re marked “50%” off. 50% off what? What was the previous price?

But, $5 for 3 items? When n the past $10 would land you 3 sets of armor, building material glamour, as well as weapon sets?

I’m usually one to buy all of funcom’s Conan exile dlc - I would love to support this, but I can’t. Black magic starter series is valued at almost $20, I wish they would love their product more than this.

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