In-game support and disappearing bags

Something pretty sad happened a few days ago - me and a clan mate were rebuilding our base (that’s what you have to do if you’re leaving a clan and want to keep at least your personal land claim, since there isn’t any kind of way to split land claim between certain clan members), and there was a moment where all of our best stuff dropped on the ground in a few bags - hundreds of dragonpowder, hundreds of legendary weapons, orbs, lotuses, named thralls etc etc., basically all the high tier stuff that takes forever to farm in large amounts. It disappeared within 5-10 seconds, permanently, not just went invisible, as we tried every trick in the book to get an invisible item to redraw.
Now, I’m not here to whine about it, but let’s face it - farming all that once and hoping to finally have some fun in end game was kinda fun to do once, it’s extremely boring to do that all over again, so likely I won’t keep playing.

I would like to suggest that you have some kind of CSR/GM on duty on official servers though actually helping bugged players or ameliorating these situations somehow. You should have logs of this accessible to a server GM, players stuff restored and the “bug” noted. I personally would keep playing if my situation was addressed somehow.

How it happened exactly:
While dismantling a ceiling structure with a lot of chests the chests dropped on the ground and turned into bags (this alone shouldn’t be a thing, they can take an explosive, you can hit them with a sledge a few thousands times, they can’t take a 10 foot fall?). A few seconds later a couple of rocks decided to respawn in the vicinity, and apparently they can’t co-exist with any bags in the area, so the bags went poof before we could pick them up and store them safely. Server #1519, around 10:45 PM on 5/29/2018, inside of the cave at The Crevice in the forest, unsure of exact location.
Other observations:
This isn’t the first time a similar situation has occurred, other times it seemed to be completely random - I would drop a bag for someone to pick up (player to player trade window?) and it just disappears in a second, no noticeable trigger for it.

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