In game Timer for Consoles

I know if we play on PC you can use Steam account to see how many hours you played. But on PS4 and Xbox there is no way to see hours played, not that I know of. Most games have in game timers, would be cool to have it on consoles for Conan. Not terribly important I know, but might that ever be something we will see in the future?

It would be nice, wouldnt it…

You can log into PSN site, it has a page for it (sorta) Its not a grand total. Someone will have share link. I couldn’t get it to work myself.

There thread for hours playing in Conan “bet you don’t beat my hours” or something like that… let me see if I can dig it up.

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I logged into psn, can’t even find the hours played XD I remember Sony sometimes sending me stats like that, but it would be nicer to have it hands on. (or not so complicated to find it in psn site)

yea its a pain, i got my ps4 hrs from website on pc

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