In game tool for consulting players : questions of the week


This is my suggestion, an in game tool for consulting players : questions of the week. For example every friday fews questions and the results on monday after the vote.

With this in game tool you can consult ALL players, and then develop the game in a way the players want the most. Some questions can come back every 6 months to see if the trend change.

For example :

  • Raid time (stay 17/23 and 7 days a week, 16/24 and 5 days a week, 18/22 and 7 days a week …)
  • Wiping PVP servers (no wipe, every 12 months, every 6 months, every 3 months …)
  • What do you prefer in game (exploring, building, raiding, dungeons …)
  • A subsription to pay fews EUR or USD every month for better officilas servers, yes, no?
  • Combat …
  • Horses …
  • Food …
  • Movement/roll …
  • News DLC …
  • Thralls …

And to encourage people to participate, every week there is fews DLC key to win with a last qestion “how many peoples will reply”, the more close win. Something like this.

Be as close as possible to the expectations of the players, mean more players, more happy players, more money for you, we all win :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading me.

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I like the idea for developers to get a quality take on opinions about a variety of topics. I have seen other topics about this for bug reporting as well. It makes a lot of sense and I hope they take the time to implement a version of this at some point. Though I would caution against letting the players “votes” become the expected outcome. Some people might vote for self destruction, even if they are unaware of it. The devs have a better grasp on how the game works, and while we won’t always agree with them, we are the ones paying them to play their game. Id fully support a voting/bug reporting system that was babysat weekly and returned feedback in an automated fashion. The biggest purpose of this should be to inform the devs about how they might improve the game.

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