In-Game Web Browser Not Displaying and Various Other Websites

The in-game web browser currently fails to load various websites that can be important to Secret World Legends players, many of which are Funcom sites such as, and consequently the SWL forums,,, etc. The TSW forums can load in the browser when using HTTP (, but it looks pretty mangled, like a site that can barely load at all.

It seems that the failing websites use HTTPS so far, at least from those that I’ve tested.

Not all using HTTPS fail to load though! works!!! Which is nice if you want to check your stats after a nice round of sweet, sweet murder ;D! Google works, of course, as well, as do a few other websites a SWL player may use as resources! Just… very few of the Funcom ones!

As is the homepage we go to every time we open the browser in-game as well as the site that the Daily Login Rewards links news from, it currently failing to display and instead giving us an empty page is a tad awkward.

I wasn’t sure if this was reported yet, but since the Secret World Legends website and the in-game browser don’t agree anymore, I thought at the very least it should be brought up. It would be nice to hit ‘B’ or check the news in-game and not see an empty, sad slate as the very first thing!

I think the best thing to do would be just disable the in-game browser. It’s 2019, alt-tab if you need a browser. :v:

try setting “security.tls.version.max” in Firefox to “2” (TLS 1.1) and see how that browser fails to load Funcom websites then.
I guess the Funcom web servers don’t want to speak below TLS 1.2 and Awesomium can only speak 1.1

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That might explain it, then!!

I’m inclined to agree. If they can’t keep it reasonably up-to-date, it would be better not to have an in-game browser at all. The version of Awesomium that SWL uses appears to hail all the way from back in 2011.

Why don’t they replace the browser with “The Chronicle”
We have no need for an in game browser when there are much better, more reliable, functioning alternatives.
Funcom would then be providing something useful
I have naturally removed the keybind from “B” (Browser) so i don’t accidentally press it, as i often did.
I never, ever needed it - along with removing the keybind for “V” (Vanity) - my mouse works perfectly for turning a camera.

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I really need to do it myself …