IN MEMORIAM - Fuze / Suffugio (on RK 2004-2022)

Athen Paladins is in sorrow and has to announce to all who knew him, that Fuze, our beloved long-time friend for 18 years, passed away this week at his home.

Of all our wonderful people, all the beloved oddballs we have, of all our cherished members and friends along our now 19+ years adventure, Fuze always had a special place in our heart and will always have it.

Beyond his almost perpetual rant about the game, it’s hard to think of anyone more supportive, kind, friendly, faithful and dedicated than he was. He was one of those people who made me feel stronger and safer in my job or org leader when he logged on.

He joined AP in the legendary times, on March 1st 2004, as a level 4 trader, as AP was 8-month-old. Later he became a legendary general of Athen Paladins.

He came back in 2020 after a long break, and had to go on another break by the end of last year, due to real life concerns.

He is a part of AP and AO history that will always live with us.

God speed, Fuze, God speed, my friend. :sparkling_heart: