In memory of our beloved players who left too early

Borealis meeting in memory of them

Rest in Ban

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That was the Social Armour Contest

lol even more pathetic than Deano posting on facebook…hows the pvt going?

Wow there is someone who look so much pissed that he have to post there ^^ It is your side, maybe if you didn’t welcome weird people from clan side and treat them like King you won’t have a destroyed side.
Maybe if you learn to welcome pvmer from your side and treat them with respect. Instead of acting like a self claimed true “pvper”. At least your side won’t be that empty.

Pvt going really well:
Alignment: omni
Side XP bonus: 0.58%

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Bro you got me confused…all the pvm getting to your head. And yes because most of Omni quit the game it can’t be that we got fed up with clans victimhood play style or terribly outnumbered PvP. The only logical explanation is that we all get banned simultaneously… Buy a mirror, look into it and then you will understand why most Omni pvpers quit. Until then enjoy gloating about your side xp from all the glorious pvting you did.

Alignment: omni
Side XP bonus: 0.00%

Enjoy login in forum just to show us how pissed you are :rofl:

On serious note, someday you will learn to think outside your “ego self centered world”.
Omnis were doing nice with pvmer support (WU org for example).
But you were one of the players who started rant after them because they went 42 instead of NW (yes darknet message you sent).

Instead of focusing, welcoming and teaching pvp to your own side you started to welcome some clan players. Instead of creating a solid community you started the pvmer vs “true” pvper issue.
And put the clan swaper as heros who will save your side.
Where as you had everything you need already in your own side…

Good job smart one :clap: thank for the laugh clans already knew how this story would finish.

Wait who left?

People really care about this in 2020? I mean there’s no players to defend and towers has very little meaning in todays game where there is barely any PvP to find.

This was an accomplishment in 2007. Today it’s just a showcase of enjoying something that gives no resistance. Not sure how that could even be fun, each to his own I guess :slight_smile:

Why do you keep saying I’m mad and desperate for posting on the forums? You started first with your pathetic darknet post and then here on the forums…but since I replied I’m the triggered one? You speak of clan having a good PvP community? 95% of clan has zero mechanical awareness or skill about PvP and 95% does nothing but blame cheats or exploits when they die in fair fights? And then you guys trash talk us after fights when you outnumber us 2/3/4 to 1 like we are awful…If that’s your definition of a solid PvP community then we are all doomed. Once again look in the mirror and please respond with some logic. If you are unaware what that is, search google and you can find some good definitions.

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