In praise of Funcom policies? How are they doing at cleaning up the servers?

Lets not talk about specific exploits on specific players using those exploits, the thread will be closed.

I’m curious if everyone agrees with Funcoms policy that they should only try and fix the exploits and not punish those who have been proved to repeatedly, and overtly cheat.

Personally, I understand their desire to fix the exploits but it seems unlikely they will ever fix all the exploits; at least in the short term.

However, by adopting the stance of refusing to punish or ban individuals for cheating, it creates an environment that lacks any consequence for cheating. Indeed, it could be said if you aren’t cheating you are at best disadvantaged and at worse much more vulnerable.

What of the many legitimate players who suffer at the hands of regular and repeated cheating? Many have gathered significant evidence of cheating to the point it is beyond question (Screenshots, videos etc). Some of these players optimistically expect Funcom to step in to stop these repeat offenders from spoiling the experience. They feel there is a responsibilty for Funcom to act on the evidence they have supplied.

When Funcom apply their policy of only being interested in the exploit and not the exploiter, where are these people left? Exploit fixes, as we all know, take time; sometimes a long time. Does Funcom really expect people to endure on servers where blatant cheats are destructive, toxic and also untouchable?

Players who spend weeks playing the game, lose their efforts over night to cheats, and their only recourse is to try and play detective to give Funcom the means to patch it at some point down the line. However, the evidence gathered, as a byproduct, which shows those who have cheated is not used in anyway.

Tonight, on my server, 1124, half my clan quit and for the first time in weeks it was below 40/40 at raid time. Just 30/40. All those missing players were legitimate ones. The cheaters were still there.

So again I ask. Is the policy working? Should Funcom continue to ignore the cheaters?

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I agree

Without any bans people on the servers see no way out.

Without any public flogging there is no visible consequence to serve as a deterrent to people joining servers and exploit griefing everyone else.

Funcom seem to want to ensure they are seen as good guys and not authoritarian figures.

At this point they are looking more like wimpey guys who refuse to help their friend, who is on the ground taking a kicking, because they dont want to get involved.

The legit players are their customers. Funcom need to help stop those metaphorically kicking us in the head repeatedly or we wont want to know them. It’s not enough to simply work to eliminate it long term, were getting kicked now!

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