In the next update please reset everyone's attributes


Please reset everyone’s attributes on official servers in the next update and once the 50 attribute bug is fixed so that every one is equal.


Would be fair for all. .

Best will be a wipe to clean old duped ressources!


Would be sooo much better

They need to wipe after they fix all their glitches


It used to be like that for most updates in early access

See we do agree on some things. Been yelling this since 2.1

It’s unplayable. Cheaters reign supreme on officials, and it’s been too long. No legit servers left. Absolutely No reason not to wipe.


I play on two official servers, Im still quite a new player bought some dlc etc, but ive been doing pretty well, put up with alot of glitches, server crashes but I think last night may have been the final straw for me.
Got killed by a blatant hacker, literally never ran out of stamina while I was running, constant ability to spam attacks and if I made any sort of ground would speed after me so was impossible to escape.
I then went on my other server to some guys constantly crashing the server trying to dupe or get 50 stats, couldnt get back to my base I just gave up and logged off, was happening for over 6 hours.
The cheating in this game, and how so little is done about it, is actually absolutely disgusting.


You put animals in a cage, they act like caged animals.
The entire game world has been getting worse every year.

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It’s has nothing to do about “game world”. The developers just doesnt focus on the right things. There is plenty of content in the game, but the Cheating is extreme. As in actually mind blowing. I have never bought a game before and encountered Cheating like this. Not in ark, not in hurtworld, last Oasis or whatever I have played in this genre. Conan has serious bugs and glitches, and at this point i Think it’s safe to say they have no functional anti cheat either.

Im honestly conviced more than 50 percent of the regular playerbase on official is either Cheating or abusing glitches and bugs(50 all stats, meshed bases etc).

Back when you could dupe at server reset, pretty much everybody on the servers I played did it in the end. Probably not much better now… If you don’t the competition will… Well technically not every player. But almost all the clans had 1 or 2 people who duped. Sometimes the rest of the clan didn’t know.

Still a lot of people who play with legit bases though. But I know a lot of them also have meshed stashes.

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THAT could be a reason why ppl are leaving PVP.

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Or join [EU/FR] valhalla vanilla same setting than official same rule but with admin to ban cheater :wink:

400 ping… no thanks bro that’s farked

game should check at every connection player stats and reset if more than normal points… otherwise will never been fixed, it should be a top priority, i mean stop all untill that fixed. just my advice
, by someone who have been abused by a clan of 10 players with max attrb (half a vault on them, berseker rage when low hp, immune to poison, only have raw food on body). that is current state of game…

One thing I have noticed, when FC raised the ping cap, the complaints about cheating on this forum went way up.

I’ve been playing on officials pvp for a long time now, and I’m down for some wipe, I don’t care if I have to start all over from scratch if that’s a solution for undermeshing, dupped stuff and cheaters losing their body vaults.


Yeah they seem to like to add sliders in server settings, so I guess they could just add a “max stat points” slider. I know there’s privates where you can get more points than vanilla so a slider would be a really easy solution.

I still think they should add serves that wipe every 3 months or something.

But because they tried with monthly wipes at launch… A time where the wiki probably wasn’t 10% as good as now. A time where everybody was still learning. (It took me more than a month to really learn the game (way more if we include how to build a really good pvp base etc) and that was at a time with a good wiki and tons of YouTube guides). A time where people probably didn’t want to lose their ish before even fully understanding the game… Because no one played serves with monthly wipes at that time, they don’t want to add them now.

They will not wipe servers. Probably scared that even more players will leave if they do.