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hello, good morning … I communicate for the following, in the server PvE conflict # 2732 we have a clan named Branca … we have our fortress on the outskirts of the city of Conan … a user named Lord GrimReaver created a wall around our bases which prevents us from continuing to play the game correctly … I request that you see and tell me how correct is your game

Ya know,

I have a childhood experience that left a lasting impression on me.

My dad took me to a public nursery at Zurich airport when i was a kid (early 90’s), at my request because I had fond memories playing there.
I was usually surrounded by courteous and considerate people.
When exposed to the other kids at the nursery, it was pretty rough. Fellow children pushing me away after a friendly hello, having my toys be snatched from me, etc. It was a complete no man’s land there, because there was nobody to look after the kids, but the utterly tired out jetlagged parents, who were a little happy that the children vented their energy at each other.

My dad then said: “You are probably too old for this place now. Want to go to the SwissAir lounge?”

I was 6 or 7 at the time. But the lounge sounded awesome. It was also clear to me how important law and order is.

The first thing I did on my official server on the first 2 weeks is to secure most obilisks, build public maprooms and nurture a good server culture, because Conan Exiles is a public nursery for adults.

If you don’t give a crap about the server, the server isn’t going to give a crap about you.

It’s the most valuable take-away from Conan Exiles. A party is what you make of it.

It turns you from a victim into a warden.



People usually don’t wall in someone else just for fun, because walling in some stranger isn’t that fun. Not when you can farm Crom Blades.

Considering you are new, I reckon you accidentally built over iron nodes, somewhere on F7 (map coords)

My own server is one of the most civilized CE servers on official, but I often experience players who build over major resource spawns get walled in, like what white blood cells do to harmful germs. Like the server has an allergic reaction to people who do silly things and don’t communicate.

Perhaps this was the reason they walled you in?

no no … building envelopes nodes of resources is not our problem … we are not new, I am in conan from the beginning … this person who created the wall did it because he has some misunderstanding with us … in a At the moment we stole objects that fell when their slaves died … but the game is like that … and I believe that wall and totally blocked us …

Then I suppose they thought you killed their slaves.


I think the best thing to do is just raid them. I mean if your going to hinder me from doing my daily duties or making the game a hassle for me then I will make sure you pay and your day isn’t gonna as smooth anymore.

Now the same person closed a travel obelisk … And is practically closing the income to the city of Conan … Where an admin can solve this?

Pretty much why I don’t play PVE, walling can become a problem if you don’t foundation claim around your base to prevent it.

On official servers there is no Admin to solve issues like this. You need to sort out your problem with the player. From what you said they think you killed their thralls as you looted the bodies. Talk with them about what actually happened and give back the items; perhaps you need to make a “good will” gesture and give them a replacement thrall even if you didn’t kill them.
… see Funcom’s position on Admin for official servers:

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I do not understand why anybody on this planet would play a ruthless survival game like Conan on a PvE server, especially with threads just like this cropping up every day. If you want to be able to fix the problem you need to put your big boy pants on and get onto a pvp server, that’s all there is to say.

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