Incorrigibles (E)RP/PVP 18+ Server Soft Launch

Incorrigibles is a new take on how roleplay works in the Exiles RP community. There is only roleplay, not even dice is required. All combat and interactions are roleplayed with the understanding that ya take some lumps and get some lumps and that is okay. Winning and losing is not as important as consent and the roleplay.
Consent is king here. There are no perms without express permission from the character getting permed. So, no worrying about stories getting cut short without a good reason. Abuse of this system will be very hard when the rules apply to all. If you value story over mechanical combat, or just combat in general, this may be the server for you.
So why are we a PVP server then? Because we like giving people the option to engage in mechanical combat both for fun, roleplay arena events, or if that is how the choose to rp their combat. Just because it’s not the default does not mean it’s not on the table. We try to cater to as many preferences as we can.
Our lore is full of political intrigue and skullduggery, as three kingdoms vie for power over one another. Come pick a side, or fight the power and create your own faction! We would love to have you!
Discord is required!