Increase Boss Difficulties

Increase the attack speed of bosses. They are currently too easy to kill. Although some have plenty of life, the life only makes them tedious to kill but not more difficult.

Me and a buddy killed the Witch Queen without a problem at lvl 25. Her beams should attack faster or with more frequency and her giants should have either faster attack speed or greater AOE. Or when the first giant is at 50% health, you have the second giant activate to make it more difficult. We did not get hit once by either the witch, her beams, or her giants.

We’ve had the same issue with world bosses. The dragon should have a tail swing or smash so that it can attack whoever is behind it without having to turn around. Also faster attack speeds so that better reaction times are required to defeat higher level monsters.

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I agree. I killed the witch queen while naked, at level 15 and with stone daggers. I stumbled upon her place by accident when I was exploring at random.

Bosses should take some planning and strategy to kill, not slaughtered by a random drunken fool bumbling about the swamp.