Increase build proximity radius please, please?

I don’t think game creators realize what a community of trolls the internet has become. I shouldn’t have to place foundations every 10 feet in order to stop others from blocking my build area or to stop them from building over resources so that they dont respawn, or from uglying up the area with giant square boxes.

I believe the build proximity radius needs to be doubled, maybe trippled.


I agree the build radius should be a bit bigger on official PvE servers. Can this be set on private servers?

Additionally, if someone builds on the edge of your radius you should still be able to put up walls on your existing foundations. I starting my building foundation and someone built right on the edge of my existing foundation radius and I was unable to put walls up along that edge.

If anyone builds within 100 meters of someone else, they should be flagged for PvP, even on PvE servers.

Im being trolled and being blocked in right this moment, I have to waste me time doing counter blocking instead of building what I want to build and playing. It’s ridiculous. Ive had to restart on different servers 5 times cause of the log in issue, and cause of trolls, im NOT leaving again, ill dedicate my life to building a giant box around these trolls’ stronghold with stone statues of floppy wingwangs inside.

Where do you find that recipe?

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If they’re gonna increase the radius, they should set a limit to how much of the land you can actually claim. As of now, people claim entire regions for themselves by placibg oillars everywhere, and they never use it for anything. A clan can never fill so much land, so if they’re gonna increase the radius they first need to set a max limit, and remove building from caves in pve.


^^ Especially the cave part.

Ppl tend to build closed off boxes into shortcuts everywhere on “our” server.

Btw I like that current proximity setting, because this way I can build huge walls around them so they have to give up these kinda buildings and when decayed I can demolish them. After that I can rebuild something which is actually let ppl going through and prevent others to build another gap closer.

Way better solution could be if the decay timer inside caves and other critical areas would have insanely low (almost 0) decay timers. Like 10 minutes or so.

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Just remove building in those certain areas, then increase the proximity so trolls cant foundation block, problem solved

I have an idea.
Every tribe should receive two base tokens in total which they can place everywhere they want except near other base tokens. The total radius of these tokens should be 100m at least. So in a diameter of 200m (times 2 because of 2 tokens) you can build.

Outside the area things can
-be destroyed
-not be built

Only for PvE

What do you think?