Increase LV cap to 100


Don’t scream nerf when they do go over to 600 or more just from 60-70. My idea offer a solution to keeping stat points under 600.


Skills for kills agent



And when you can max close to all stats. You would wish for my idea in its place.


All I’m saying is that I see no need to increase the level cap. New content with new items makes sense to increase the level cap to accommodate the new items.


Ok, as lvl 100 seems absurd to me (just use one of those mods?!) as I really dont understand the need for it.
Enemies are weak enough on 60. Only archers would need 100. (Ouch!)

So to offer some counterbalance:
Why not even get Funcom to rebalance and nerf us down to 50?
(Yep, half trolling, half being okay if that was reality.)


lvl 100 would be way to high of a jump in the first place… i could see how you might ask for a +10 lvl boost… but +40 out of the gate lol…

and again the game is to easy… your simply asking hey give us +40 more lvls for more feats and more stat points…


I haven’t reached 60, but how many stats can we maxed out with the current points at 60 ?


At LV 50 you can max 1 stat. 1 max = 275 stat points.


It takes 275 stat points to = 1 max stat.

Right now we have 390 stat points If there 3 big up dates and LV cap is 60. Then 90 is a possibility. That not counting LV cap increase from DLC’s.

Don’t you dare scream nerf then when they do decided to go 100 and you can max out all stats. If that ever happens.

I gave this community an easy fix and a balance 61-100.


You are suggesting +4 stat points per level from 61 to 100 , so that’s 4x40 = 160. 390+160=550, divided by 275 =2. So we can have 2 maxed stats with it.

The game is just coming out of Early Access, I bet they’re still cooking about what the next character progression will be.

As for what you suggest, having Strength and Vitality both at max seems kinda OP though. Usually in every game, we can’t be both damage dealer and a tank.


Did I miss a stat update? When did strength added carry wieght. Oh that right it didn’t. Don’t go wagging your two stats build at me. A build like that is doom to die. No stamina = death. My build right now is 30 strength,30 vit,10 agility,29 encumbrance, 20 grit and 10 survival. I have 1 point left. The extra points would allow 30 encumbrance.

I plan to put 1 more encumbrance. And the rest in survival.


That’s pretty much a legit build, Max strength for high damage and the rest in vitality for health.

For multiplayer that’s how it usually works. Vitality is good for a ranged build but not really worth putting points into it if youre straight melee.

If you are having problems fighting the bosses in single player, try maxing out the appropriate build for melee or ranged, and have a secondary stat at perk 3.


I am thinking ahead. 390 is the sat pool now. It could easily jump to 500 or more from 61-70. My idea slowly limits the cap. It better to cap at 550 than 1000.


The purpose of increasing the level cap for main DLCs makes sense thus requiring you to spend points on the new stuff.

Other dlc will just have it already unlocked for you like it was with the preorder armor and sword


You mean updates and NOT dlc. The dlc is looks only.


Dude why double because you wan’t every single bit of craft with you ?
To me i feel like the max lvl should have been 50, it would have made the north harder to live on and made starmetal/acheronian/ect some exotic recipe base on steel.

This game need to be touth, the cross is not a pleasant experience


You do realized stat points aren’t skill points. I’m trying to keep max stat points down to 550 at 100 and not jump to more.


that not true, some servers with 70 slots works erfectly, even when they are full, and modded, like it:


I don’t want anythings who can make the game easier than now, with areas easier than now. In contrary, i would like nerf best stuff in game. And have new content with difficulty designed with actual lvl cap/ stuff. Because having areas and dungeons without any difficulties, it’s not very good…about skill points, the game is designed for not having possibilities to unlock all. It’s a design of a game, if you play alone, you are: tellow lotus potion, admin panel, mods. And not wanting using this solutions is just a whim.
Your request is a whimy request, who ask for change balancing of the game, design of the game, even if solutions exists…


I wouldn’t need more levels just more points per level.
So you could learn much more also making viable mixed builds not just be limited to 2-3 OP ones with the right (limited to one) gear.

For example I mostly in farming spec and I am sick and tired of the exiles armor already. There is NO other option which gives that +9 encumb. Without it I couldn’t have 20 survi (which is 10 less than really needed) But I do need the 30 vit for the regeneration… pff no stamina no agility and NO STRENGHT? I just can’t have enough points not even for the first perk of each stat…

so agreed a little boost on the points would be great.
you should MAX out at least 2 out of 6 while you still have at least 10 in ever other thraits.

But making more levels feels like unnecessary. points per level and to be a bit more fair… LOW levels could get more points while higher levels could get less.
Overall more points but this way the lover levels aren’t lag behind that much.