Increase map marker limit?

Any chance of increasing the number of markers we can have on our map?

I find the current limit pretty stifling. It would also help if the game would provide built in markers for more things (once you discover them) - in particular obelisk locations, boss locations, and that sort of thing.

There is no point in a marker for boss locations, because bosses have random spawn points. So a marker for each possible location would simply clutter the map.

You can just use the interactive map for some stuff.

Not true. Many bosses, for example those in the unnamed city, are at fixed locations. I am not talking about markes for wandering t4 thralls and stuff like that.

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Well, if you already know the location, why need a map marker for it? Seems kind of redundant.

because knowing and remembering are 2 different things.

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Exactly my thoughts each time I’m close to drown because I know where I put the fishtrap but I can’t remember the exact place.:smile:

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