Increase max feat points by 600. Fragments of power too low

Wish I had a clan to help.

I rather they add 600 more feats points. It would help out alot.

Again, if you are getting raided as a solo by an alpha, they are not coming to decorate your castle.


Lots of games have pre-orders or sell things that are exclusive for a limited period of time. Overwatch has events all the time with cosmetics that can only be attained during a brief window, but
on the anniversary of that event, there’s once again a window during which those items can be obtained. In that way, the early-birds get the have their bragging-rights for about a year, then everyone else can throw cash at Blizzard a year later to get the items they missed.

Being as you’ve had a year to have your precious toys all to yourself, surely you don’t want to deprive Funcom of the abilty to make more money…

I’m in a small clan (2 players) and do just fine. Thus I speak from experience when I say this isn’t difficult for small clans.

Maybe some introspection on why you’re clanless is in order.

+1 Internets to you, sir/ma’am :+1:

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You can have 600 more feats points. Quite easy actually just go get those free power fragments laying around. I am in a clan but I’ve went to get those fragments by myself and got 1197 points spent so far. Got most of the recipes from the library while giving the extra ones to clan-mate and crafting some of those things. The “bosses” are so weak you can just send a thrall fight them alone and wait while doing other stuff. The issue isn’t a clan vs solo issue sound more like laziness in which case you got commands in solo for that. They gave us easy to get permanent upgrades the only thing we need to do is to go pick them up.

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Don’t. I play offline solo mode. 0 clanmates. 0 help. 0 support.

I’ve seen the many raids on youtube of small clans on these open world sandboxes games. It’s common to attack smaller clans. Big Clans can afford to specialist in feat points. You want balance add more free skill points. That one way to weaken big clans OP.

Your battle gear? Healing items? And thrall gear?

I dont think the feats needs to chage at all, please funcom dont up max feats and lower how many fragments we need…

0 competition?

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We brought all of our toons to 2000 feat points in a couple of days.
I thought it was a waste and would rather have used them for recipes.

Hello peepz :slight_smile:

Just a small sum up =>

  1. Gob bless yellow lotus potion and potion of natural learning
  2. No-one need crap feats all the time like weapons, armors, religions feats etc…
    2bis) star metal / acheronian stuff sucks hard :stuck_out_tongue:
  3. boss in the unnamed city are extremely easy to do : 40 str - 40 vit and maybe 30 grit with the proper stuff / epic heavy armor set + good weapon (serpentmen 1h axe if you’re poor ? :o ) + any strong enough t4 fighter (or hyborian t3 from cano) with the same setup + 2h sword and a roasted haunch in the pocket…

You can kill all six boss in something like 20 minutes if you’re not too bad… which mean if you’re a good tryharder 180 feats points within an hour…

Definitively… a -1 for the suggestion, i appreciate QoL improvement but not really when the food is put right in your mouth without any effort :o

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While i’m typing this my thrall Spinas the Marauder is killing by himself the boss like usual. He wearing Epic heavy armor (which you can get for free by killing npc at the mound of the dead) and a telith’s sorrow sword (which you can replace with star metal 2 hand if it’s too much work to get). No Healing items, my gears is not important since i lets the thrall do it when i feel like it i use a shield tho to block boss swings and lets the thrall loose some bleed/sunder stacks.

He lost about 6-700 healt killing one of them going for the second one and i do expect to unlock the last missing feats on this run :smiley:

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wait. in most of your suggestions you use small clans v big clans, yet you have never experienced it personally. Raiding has nothing to do with feats. so from here on out, any time you mention the unbalanced pvp, it is BS.


They also bemoaned not having any clanmates, so yeah BS argument indeed. I mean if you’re playing SP offline, you can simply make yourself admin and give yourself as many feat points as you desire.

Furthermore, it makes their argument regarding the pre-order bonuses completely nonsensical. Who exactly are they showing-off their pre-order swag to if they’re playing solo offline? Completely ridiculous…


@Larathiel and @biggcane55 I played alot of RTS PVP,MMO PVP Clan vs Clan battles,Fighting Games PVP and etc. People go after the weak. I study youtube videos. I had my fill of PVP. Big clans can afford the way things are now.

Example Bob a blacksmith whom focuses on making and repairing weapons. Jane an armor smith whom focuses on making and repairing armor. John the builder whom builds the base. The rest of the clan gathers resources. That just the basic of a big clan’s power. They harvest more. Defend better. Then if thrall and pet feeding required you have beast master and thrall master. Most big aphla clans are 10 and higher.

My idea helps solo and small clans. We yet to see what the devs will add in. More skill points helps.

Epic heavy armor? Why not the legion armor?

Because despite the popular perception legion armor is not the only viable armor in the universe?

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Go and watch more videos. You obviously have no clue about what you are talking. All your perception is second hand from other players, videos or even other games you try to compare with Conan exiles. Your idea of how a big clan works is distorted, too. I said in the past and I say it again: Stop the bu¿¿ sh|t with arguing for other clans or players you have nothing to do with just for your own selfish goal!

PS Thanks for flagging my post. I will return the favour.


i play in a small clan and we didnt need these extra feats of powers to unlock more it was coverd quite nicely… Im only learning all the stuff cause I can now, its not needed but something i do to fill my time when not busy doing other stuff around the base…

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I play by myself on an Official server. I don’t even like having other players’ help, they just get in my way and expect some of the loot. I go out into the Unnamed City in medium armor one hour at a time. The potions I drink only last for one hour, so I leave when they wear off. During that time, I make two cycles of the City and kill 10 bosses (I skip one of the skeletons). I bring a performer thrall as my only companion to negate the corruption.

I have unlocked all of the archive recipes (plus many duplicate scrolls), built numerous objects those recipes unlock, and have almost gotten every feat possible (about a dozen weapon feats left). Some time within the next 24 hours, I will almost certainly have finished unlocking every feat in the game.

Fragments are just fine they way they are.