Increase max skill points


Again it brings strategy to your character and their role in the clan. The way it’s balanced right now is to have characters fill roles.

A yellow lotus potion is easy to make and allows a player to Respec points to build furniture instead of tier 3 alters and bombs


You’re kidding right? It does not bring strategy to limit skill points. These are not stat points which increase overall effective of your exile.


You gain stat points and skill points with each level.


You gain stat points and skill points. Perks are ranks of stat points. More skill points are needed.


Yellow lotus potion is easy to use and reallocate points to build other stuff.

Kinda like setting your build to be a melee or ranged fighter, applies also to building whether it’s mounts and furniture or Wells and catapults. Pretty much cover whatever playstyle you go with .


Devs said countless times in the streams, you are not supposed to learn everything, thats why knowledge points is limited, so just use the lotus potion, respec, learn what you want, repair, craft or whatever, its possible to do everything without the need of clan mates, more points is obsolete and redundant.


I’m only asking for 103 more points.


i don’t know what you guys do with your point, but know that you can speak with priest to learn a religion, stop buy altar 50pt


Yep, have all the religions learned but set, derketo, and Mitra seem to be really handy ones to know as far as potions and equipment go for PVP

Yog feels like it fits more with a role player, and ymir isn’t recommended starting out until you get a good refining production going to craft his stuff.


There is the spot then, the gods ashame you for polytheism^^


I would like to suggest how about having the ability to save a previous set of skill points. So that you can drink a potion and automatically allocate the points to a desired setup. This kinda solves the issues listed without needing to add more points. What do you guys think of this?? It will save some time and allow multiple build paths even it were to require a certain color lotus potion to do


if you play off line there are mods for this. Why is this a discussion?
If you add points to the game it WOULD have a serious effect on the game, mostly in PVP which is the best part of this game.


For console players in single player the admin panel is the best fix for this.



Engough of the damn admin command. The admin command crashes the game if used too much.

I shouldn’t need the admin command to beat the game,have engough skill points and etc.

The admin command is a fanboy/fangirl way of not fixing an issue. Stop kissing this game’s ■■■ and help fix the problems.


Salt cleanup aisle 5


Is that all? Admin command that and this. I preordered conan exiles. I didn’t preordered dark souls. I preordered a game that promised by the devs that it could be beat alone without admin commands.


Though actually it’s possible to repair everything.
Just bring a brain and use those repair kits…
(Really, I dont understand why people still bring raw materials instead of repair kits. But well… It’s not me who wastes materials…)

Sorry, but you really keep hitting my nerves there…
Enough of the damned whinery.
The game doesnt need lvl 100.
The game doesnt need 1000 feat points.
The game might use a handycap on respeccing. (To counter macros. Doesnt have to though. Only for pvp.)
The game isnt too hard, once one practiced enough; it’s completely fine to play with a good endgame weapon and some random epic gear. Doesnt have to be legion at all. So it doesnt matter if legion gets nerfed. Maybe for pvp…

As far as I see it, people tend to create artificial problems, just because they can. There are way more serious problems. Like instarespeccing. Like HP regen BUG/exploit. Placables vanishing without a reason.
But creating problems because the game doesnt cater to the own hunger after convenience? …
Yep, it ticks me off.
Dont create more problems when there already are a ton of else, really serious ones.
Sorry for choice of words, but I felt like having to make myself clear.

Huh? The way I got CE to know was by it being a clan based game, not a lone wolf game.
But actually, wether you believe it or not; I am more of an lone wolf myself. I only got into a clan now because I got to know other players a few months ago, even before combatupdate hit testlive - which is a rather long time.
And actually, you can beat it alone. I think each and every part of the item to destroy your bracelet is being dropped from some boss which you can beat solo in some way. (But there, the mindless exploiter has the upper hand…)


We need more skill points. Reason is for solo players.


Yellow lotus potion helps when you want to build everything


I play SP and I installed a mod to get all points to open all specs. The game was boring as 4ell. I just bought a server and I am not going to use it because it made it too easy.
This game is geared toward multiplayer cooperation so adding more points to the vanilla game is not going to happen. Get over it and install a mod.

BTW, I did finish the game in vanilla mode in SP so I know it’s possible.