Increase number of map notes a player can set

Hi all,

is it possible to increase the number of map notes a player can have?
For me the reason is that I am running Isle of Siptah with EEWA. There are lots of spawns and placeables the admin has to set using the Pippi admin tool. When doing so ai have to mark all the things (EEWA mob groups, additional bosses aso.) I have placed to be able to find and alter them later.

But there is a limit on map notes so I can’t mark all the things i had to place. Is there a setting to increase the value?

Thanks in advance.

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I am on Ps4 my self my wife and I have a server and play on others. By the time I mark map rooms way stations and such running :running_woman:out of map markers is definitely a issue. Having access to more would be a plus even if for private servers.

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Anyone know a MOD for map markers?

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