Increase to Purge Meter/End-game/PvE suggestion?

Apologies of this has been stated before but I couldn’t find a similar topic.

Personally I find the building up of the Purge Meter at End-Game level almost futile as a solo player on Official PvE server. I’m sure my view is narrow minded because of that but I just want to throw this out there.
At End game I feel tweaking my base/build and thralls for a Purge invasion seems more on point to keep playing than just mass building useless land grab bases just to increase the Purge chance. At the same time wasting resources and possible build sites for new players wanting to explore.

Can a probable use of the “End-Game” item the Keystone have a secondary use besides deleting your character and starting again and be used to maybe give a one-time boost to the Purge Meter?

Not only would this push end game players to revisit dungeons and world bosses for the items to create them it would drive them away from sucking resources away from newer players at as higher rate they can compete with just to build those T3 bases that don’t need to be built just to get that meter boost.
Could also maybe push tweaking of those bosses in future patches to expand on the encounters?

Like I said, just a thought. Feel free to shoot me down.


No thoughts?

What if you used the keystone on a thrall?
Release the thrall (they disapear) and give you a purge boost?
Maybe do this 2,3 or 4 or more times to fill the bar?

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Sure ill weigh in. First off, nice profile pic! Hes Doctor Rockso the rock and roll clown. He does [censored]… a lot of [censored]!!

Considering its a lot of work just to get that Purge boost, I cant see it being especially unbalanced. After all the only one who would ‘suffer’ is you. Do I wouldnt mind it. Besides, lore wise the Purge is sent by our nemesis Thoth Amon to claim the artifacts or the Keystone (I cant recall which though).

Im not sure if you would agree with it or not, but myself and others have had an alternative idea for a nice powerful Purge trigger. Basically, there is an unspecified in-game course of action whereby we pray to Crom or otherwise get his attention, and in response he sends a very powerful Purge to destroy us. During one of the Dev Streams it was revealed that this was originally going to be an in-game feature, however Funcom ultimately decided against it. Well its a way of getting a Purge. Does this sound appealing at all?


Why do you play on official server if you want to play alone ? On a private server, you could tweak the purge meter easily, without the need of changes in the game.

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I’ll back this idea up.
Purges are lots of fun.
I can’t understand why they have been made so difficult to get now days.
I’d fight all the bosses again and again to get one.
I’d sacrifice a lvl 20 Dalinsia Snowhunter, or my first born son, or even Grrr Legbiter to get one.

The purge meter just shouldn’t drop at all. At least not for 7 days.
That way if you are active you cant avoid the purge and if you’re not, you won’t be eligible.


I’ll back up the Crom idea too.
Because that is what Crom does, nothing.
If you pray to Crom and ask for help he will come down from the mountain and smite you.

Another option (particularly for PVE) would be a third option on all the alters for a god token that sends a purge at you. Maybe followers of that particular god.

Lots of different options to make the purge more accessible.
Just hope funcom does something to change how it works now.


I play official for a couple of reasons - One: I can play the game with the restrictions applied to everyone and without the temptation to ‘cheat’ and spawn in whatever I want - that kind of thing usually makes a game dull pretty fast. Secondly, It’s a nice way to socialize somewhat. I can chat and meet new people who also enjoy the game, discuss ideas & tactics. Help out new players getting into it and also get to peruse all the different bases people create.

This is also a cool idea. Maybe doing a mix of all these sorts of things to summon a purge? Like using the Keystone to ‘free/sacrifice’ a thrall to Crom will increase the meter significantly?


Love the Crom idea. Having your devotion to a God rewarded with massive punishment - that’s my idea of a God.


Maybe there could be one unique thrall that free roams the entire map. If you sacrifice it, it automatically triggers a purge.

Going further with this idea - it could be super op or have a unique item it drops. If you tame it, once placed it has a short decay timer. Once the timer runs out, it dies and triggers a purge. Make the death animation unique - beams of light shooting into the sky or Crom smiting it in a gruesome way.


I support the purge meter only dropping once a base has decayed and crumbled or destroyed by players (after 8 days). It is way too hard to get a purge under the current system. especially for those players that have already built their base or bases. Plus the players that have built massively huge sandstone bases in the north area and only play once a week would go away. There is one clan that has such a huge base that if i run past it my game crashes, If I walk the lag is bad but the game does not crash. THey have a massive sandstone base at mounds of the dead, I would really like to see them get a purge.

Under the current system I am building structures to raise my purge meter, then just letting them decay, such a waste of time.

I have two possible solutions.
Suggestion number one is— raiding certain locations should give a huge purge boost such as doing the wine cellar dungeon, sunken city, warmaker dungeon, the sinkhole, etc if a player successfully completes a dungeon ( kills the main boss), make it fill 1/4 of the purge meter. I would be happy either way as it current sits it is too hard at endgame to get a purge.

Suggestion number two is— killing any world boss (3 skull) add 5% to the purge meter so after killing 20 world bosses the player will get a purge.



No. Neither would i really.

Though i did spend 2 months at the sandswept ruins to get him. That feels like how long i have to play to get a purge these days.

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I only took you two months you are so lucky I spent a total of 8 months (true, on and off because of frustration) before i found him and was able to capture him.

Thats painful.
I’m going through something similar with Syra Brennerhet at the moment.
4 months and counting.

Sorry to bump a dull subject but how about sacrificing Fragments of Power or Tablets of Power for a Purge meter boost? They are more end game items that seem to become worthless after some time…


Craft 50 surplus scrolls from the esoteric library/wine cellar/bats into a “Tome of Summon Purge”.


Manifestation of Zeal Purge meter conversion?.. am I clutching at straws here?


No not neccesarily @Bacchus_Greenman. In the case of the player, it may well be viewed as a Manifestation of Zeal. Whereas in Crom’s case it may be more a case of Manifestation of Anger, Rage or Wrath (choose ones own key word to insert). But either way the end result will be impressive to behold.


Its tough as its designed for multiple player participation.

Thats should not change.

Single player mode enables you to purge all the time , every day.

If you cant control yourself to not cheat then you shouldnt have a server. Stay on officials.

While we’re on this topic, does anyone know why the purge meter on official servers starts decaying the moment you log out? If there was a, say, 24 hour delay before the decay starts, I imagine this issue would be much more manageable for most players…