Increase variety in Thrall Combat dialog

“Boxy balls!” X100 in any boss fight gets old fast. I will take a female thrall out hunting, even if she has lower stats, just to avoid having to listen to my Berserker talk about balls all day.

Another thrall (my female bearer) just screams like she is on a roller coaster in a fight that has a lot of knockdowns, like Mastodons.

Not a big overhaul, but simply giving them all a few more lines to RNG choose from through the battle sequence, for each scenario that would generate their dialog.


That would be a nice change. Oh I think it’s poxyed balls. Evidently has a STD :roll_eyes:

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Como estas compañero , se que no es el tema pero el otro día leei que hablaste de un arma para usar cuando quedas preso contra el caballo ?

It’s also incredibly stupid to keep hearing “Put your weapons away Exile!”… while fighting a spider. A little more intelligence in applying dialog would be appreciated.


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