Increased decay timer for vacations: The good and the bad and the Purge

We finally have a decent timer for our buildings in the game, we know this is only implemented for vacation break and it will be brainstormed in the future, but an increased timer was definitely needed and Funcom has realized this. Vacation break is a huge problem for every player, and people from all over the World take these breaks on different times and different occasions. Not only vacation can push a player out the game for a extended period. Business trips, hardware problems, account problems, etc… are all situations may force a player to step away from the game for longer than 6 days. This increased timer should stay but I think its CRUCIAL Purges do their jobs too!!

Semi active players have always been a problem and are a bigger problem now. Unless the player decides to leave the game entirely or is forced to stay away against their will (like the reasons mentioned above) its just too easy spend 10 minutes online, only once a week (or now once every 2 weeks) and keep up everything they own! By all means I dont want to see all work gone, I think even with minimum interest in the game people should keep SOME of their stuff (but not everything), whatever they claim more important, and Purges should be the real decisive word on the subject.

People have 300 bases, 500kms length elevators and highways, claimed favorable spots, etc… and barely use it. Why not open room for new and active players? Now if all these locations were constantly raided, damaged and destroyed by Purges these semi active players would be forced to either:

  1. Dedicate more time, repairing, rebuilding, replacing thralls… in other worlds, working to keep what they own OR
  2. Be reasonable and reduce the number of things they own, so its easier to maintain with the little time they want to dedicate

In the end it would be a fair game, the less people play the less they should own. No decay timer will do this trick because its takes no effort to maintain… but Purges could be a decisive variable on this equation.

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