Increased Difficulty Wild Surges

When IoS first released, Wild Surges were pretty challenging, and required a tactile approach to get your thralls. but now since its setup with a Wave system, they are mind numbingly easy to do. I understand they are meant so solo players can get thralls too, but why not have multiple types of Wild Surges spawn to fill this niche?

This is just a rough draft, but here is something along the lines I’m suggesting.

Small Wild Surge: Current Surges

Medium Wild Surge: 3 waves of 3-5 thralls each.

Large Wild Surge: 3 waves of 5-6 thralls each.

The thralls still are only T1 crafters, and T1-3 combat thralls, but the increase thrall amounts means you have a higher chance to get the thralls you want. But at risk to you.

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