Increased Vault Difficulty

With the unique properties of Vaults, how they reset and respawn everything and they have the buttons that open doors, I’d really like to see an option to like use an Item before a Vault, and it increases the difficulty. Or have it scale based on how many players are in the vault when the button is pressed but I feel like an item sacrificed will probably go over better with players.

Difficulties and Changes:

Base difficulty can be solo’d

Medium is meant for 2 people + 2 thralls
Double Enemy Spawns
2x Eldarium and 2x damage to Thralls. Rewards 2 sigils at the end.

Hard is meant for 3 people + 3 thralls
Double Enemy Spawns, Double Enemy Health
3x Eldarium and 3x damage to Thralls. Rewards 3 Sigils at the end.

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Yeah, I’d like to see Sigils handle that. Whoever opens the door, sets the level.

Base difficulty (no sigil) – as it is right now

Hard difficulty (wears sigil of that vault) – in other words, the person has done this vault and is back for more. More difficult monsters, but better loot drops.

So don’t wear a sigil if you don’t want the difficulty increased (or get someone in your group who hasn’t done the vault to open the door first)

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