Increasing level cap

Is there any chance that we will be getting a level cap upgrade in the future to level 70 added to the base game code?

There is no reason to increase the level cap further. The game is balanced for what we have now.

If you are looking for feat points, you can acquire new ones at level 60 by slaughtering certain things and getting a potion to unlock them. Or else respec your character.


It isn’t feat points I want, rather attribute points.

Not nearly enough attribute points to even begin building any interesting builds. Most all of the perks are wasted because of this.

I disagree, more attribute points would probably just mean I never had to respec again.

Whether that’s beneficial or not is a matter of taste I suppose, but personally I think it would make the system pointless if everyone could have most of the perks.

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That’s the whole point. You aren’t supposed to be able to get all of the perks in the first place.

If anything, they need to make perks better, so it is even more difficult to decide on the perfect build you want.


You’re right.

If in a long time future they’ll change Survival attribute to have more importance and not just to have the second perk in farming builds, maybe we’ll have the needs to a new level cap.

But at present game state no. Not after the introduction of fragments of power who grants you the ability to unlock all feats you want.

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