Incredible Sinking Thrall

So there I was, placing my thrall on the beach, no tile, just sand. Turned around and they were gone. In their place is the swimming underwater sound, strongly, loudly, in the exact place they were standing. This was two days ago. Noise still persists, but no thrall. They are listed on the Thrall Pot. Event viewer is blank to their whereabouts. no mods, no add ons, no joke, just me missing my travel companion.

Wow, you found that quicksand spot!
Good thing you didn’t step over it yourself :slight_smile:

If you go “Ghost” you can get it and place on the ground. Else try to focus exactly where it is from above ground. Maybe you can target it.

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Congratulations, you’ve found the Thrall Pocket. He or she will be safe and happy there for all time!

There are two or three spots in Buccaneer Bay where this can happen. If you get slammed by something big, like a Boss Croc, it can place you into the soil as well. I was able to retrieve my thrall by looking into the ground exactly where she sank in, and holding E. Shift your position until you finally target the thrall like @Kumiko says, and can move him. Take him close to the water’s edge and you can be fairly sure he’ll stay.

Wow, Ghost worked great. Pulled them out, moved them a great distance, and they fell back through, again. Thinking of getting 'em Snow Shoes to stop falling!!

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Yes, it seems that that fix of last year has started to malfunction. Went back to one of my older builds when noticed that 2 Thralls that were guarding it were missing. Where they were standing that water sloshing sound could be heard.

That is when I thought they probably went under the mesh. So using Ghost went under and there they were.

Have not been here since January so cannot say with certainty whether or not this bug has started up again.

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