Indoor, unmarked filth since Love Hotel dropped

This isn’t the first time i’ve reported this but seriously you guys it’s been a problem since the original patch dropped in the original game. Can you at least try please?

Did you check in beta to see if it’s fixed? Some things have been and people have been reporting before checking in beta first.

Do you get it all of the time, or is it a sporadic thing? Is there some precursor to it occurring? I can’t reproduce it, but maybe I’m doing something wrong…

It happens to a lot of people. I’ve seen it happen to my boyfriend and other friends, but never to me, and I have tried many times. It’s from the filth outside at that corner. You can get close to the wall and see it outside.

I wonder if it is a DX9/DX11 thing? Going to pester a few friends next week to see if they can trigger it, and hopefully give the devs something to work with…

I’ve literally been getting it since the old game when the love hotel started existing

I think it’s possible to complete the game without standing there for long enough that it kills you. Not 100% on that though :v:

Probably, but then i wouldn’t get to stop in for my annual "come on guys :frowning: " post apparently i logged out there last time

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