Infinite Chest Space

FIlling the bottom row of a chest will result the chest opening a new row of inventory space. Thus resulting in infinite chest space.

In Age of Conan MMO? If yes then send Andyb a private message with what type of bag gives this bug.
If for Conan Exiles … the large chest, cupboard, thrall pots and feed boxes have more space available to be filled than is visible on the interface screen. Typically this space only becomes visible when the lowest row of space is completely filled.

Today on an official PvE server, I emptied a lot of items into large chests for two of them I filled them and could not add in more items.

If you have found a way to exceed the total capacity then it’s an exploit as well as a bug and PLEASE do not describe it in detail on the forums. But instead either send Ignasis (a Funcom community manager) a private message via the forums or send to the exploithunters email, see link:

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