Infinite loading screen on 5/6 of Official America PVE-C servers

Game mode: Online
Problem: Performance
Region: America

As of the time of this post 5 of the 6 official PVE-C servers in the America region are experiencing infinite loading screens. I have tried logging into all official America region PVE-C servers and the only server I can log into is 3827.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Log into any official America PVE-C server sans 3827
2.Watch the loading bar fill up
3.Contemplate where your life went wrong and why you are watching a loading bar frozen at 100%
4.Play a different game


Same 3829


Hi, you are not alone. We are experiencing the same problems “over the pond”… check my post if you haven’t already;

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@LordKAA this is both disturbing and kind of a relief. On one hand, everyone will lose all their hard work because it will lead to a massive decay server wipe (sad).

But on the other hand, there are grieves that build sandstone foundation walls all over the place to claim territory just so people like myself, that enjoy the natural beauty of the Highlands have to climb over and maneuver through this obstacle of foundations. These eye sores will be decayed (happy).

It seems almost as if Funcom is purposely not fixing these PVE-C login issues to phase put PVE-C. Hasn’t this been happening for months for you guys in Europe?

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Fortunately most of those people quit already due to us only being able to log in at very early times in the morning.

I don’t know if funcom would be doing this on purpose… Also although I’m sure there are many people who have knowledge of server system/setup, Gportal seem to deal with server-side issues. Setting up/maintaining servers is an art form in itself… not that I know anything about it😅

Yes, but I also think it has been happening on 3522 (US) for over a year.

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