Infinite loading screen under specific circumstances

I was testing in single player and decided to try and find the official testlive. After a few minutes, when it did not show, I went back to single player and experienced a forever loading screen.

Perhaps I needed more patience, but it may be a clue to issues seen before (on live).

Regards, and thanks for game :slight_smile:


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Hey @Jim1

Could you provide a few extra details about this issue so our team can try to reproduce it on their end?
Did this issue happen only once or does it happen reliably?
Thanks in advance

For my first try, not completely repeatable, only partially.

I played solo for a half hour or so, went to the main menu, searched for a testlive server for less than 5 minutes and returned to the main menu.

When trying to start a solo game, the intro screen did not freeze; the loading indicator was active. Unfortunately, it took over 4 minutes to load, but it did load the single player game. Unexpected behavior compared to the seamless initial load, but it did load. My normal load times from a M.2 SSD is less than 20 seconds.

Second iteration gave the same results as above, perhaps a bit less on the solo loading time, and I spent less time on server searching.

The only commonality I noticed was that the loading background screen did not change until just prior to loadin. The loading indicator was active the entire time.

Something appears to be pondering during the loadin. Perhaps if I had waited longer the first time it would have been successful, but it’s still indicative of a hung process.

Were I a casual user, the timeframes would have driven me to abort the loadin and restart the game; not a good experience.

If, @Ignasi, you want more diversified testing, please let me know.



PS: logout and login to solo takes less than 10 seconds as long as I do not search for a server.

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Thanks for the additional information @Jim1. Our team will try to reproduce this issue.

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