Infinite NPC fights and wonky loading?

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Performance. And server?
Server type: PvE (server number 1053)
Region: EU

Some new memory loading performance bug based on distances this last patch?
I am building and I hear my pets and thralls fight for 15 minutes straight if not more at times. Then in the middle of all the building I realize Ive been hearing this downright annoying hassle all this time its giving me a headache, so I go to see what the commotion is.

Nothing. Its a simple mob from the Cave of Degenerates.

I see that in fact, that 1 silly enemy has gotten my panther down to 75% hp as well. Im thinking the hell is this thing made from? Steel?

I start to run up to them to put an end to it and smack its brains onto the sand. And the pets one shot it on my way there, as they should have FIFTEEN minutes ago.

Ever since I noticed it it has been getting more on my nerves. Any enemy. Crocs, Rocknoses, whatever is in the area that spawns, my pets cannot harm them unless I go near and the game loads some form of data client side on me. As if the server is not doing anything period or something.

However, my pets and thralls are taking damage while all this is happening. So part of what is happening is happening.

The distance for loading up is also silly close. I was looking at them on another encounter fight it out like 15feet away from me.

This did not used to happen. The thralls and pets would properly protect the area from wandering enemies and actually kill them before. Now every 5 mins I have an annoying commotion of combat that reaches the point of a headache interrupting me from whatever else I am doing all the time.

On this same subject, seems that loading is in general somewhat altered. Like my base needs multiple loading instances for shorter distances. I sometimes just turn around to go back to where I was coming form and it just sticks in a loading freeze and when I get out of it I have walked half the map across. Sometimes even fallen off a cliff.

Can we get these loading issues sorted? Thnx. It is constant and finally, I found a bug that is game breaking. Very game breaking. I open one inventory of anything really, artisans bench, armourer bench, furnace, whatever, walk around one floor down to get some materials, come back, and the damn thing is loading again as if I had gone for a fishing trip all the way to the Lemurian isles.

Constant freezes happen on these too (inventories being open). Sometimes they dont open at all. I just need to walk away and come back and it might work and pop into a freeze before loading everything up.

It used to always have some loading stutter, but lately is has gone to a whole new level.

p.s, some of these I assume could be graphical loading changes on my end since I changed GPU and, well, went from playing on laptop mode to max graphics. The rest however is not. Like location loading, distance loading, enemy behaviour, etc. Something is really off. An area loads and then unloads or I dont even know what.

Same goes for “view distance” which, might as well not be there really since it changes nothing for structures. I could see the same distance with laptop mode. Now its actually worse, I can sit there looking at the view of what I have built, planning ahead of what else to build and where, and I start seeing things disappear before my very eyes slowly slowly. Derp. Whats it loading to need to unload what was already loaded? o.O

See if I can get a few screenshots to show of the ranges I am talking about.

I can stand here all day at this distance and they will keep fighting that one little enemy (whatever its called, the ones in the Degenerate Cave).
As one can see, the pets are getting damage.
Meanwhile even the arrows from my nearby tower (archers) are doing nothing to it.

I walk closer and they one shot him (like they should)…

And here we have the amazing damage that this one silly npc done.


See those walls down there? Well, you wont be seeing them for long, after a while they disappear :rofl:

Could also help if our character STOPS moving when things are loaded instead of being locked into the last key we were pressing.

I just almost died again on my way from my “fortress” to take the stairs down to the river here. Thing started to load, froze, and 10 seconds later I have gone flying over a range of buildings and lost half my health.

I saw this happen multiple times as well:

  1. my pets/thralls not fighting back at all
  2. my pets/thralls fighting back but not dealing any dmg
    bonus round:
  3. my pets/thralls running miles to kill an enemy not even remotely in aggo-range

hahahaha, this has got to be some top notch bug to spectate :rofl:

It also seems to be a very new bug. This didn’t happen to me last time I played (fall 2018).

Yeah, this started for me after the update that added the Riddle of Steel content. Unless I am mistaken, it wasnt present in the large patch before it which brought us the sunken city.

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