Infinite run and combat exploitation/Legendary weapons at level 1

Characters running around at level 19 with legendary weapons and infinite stamina. This bug has been active for 2 months now. Is there a plan to fix the legendary boxes and infinity run combat? Karnage clan on 3555 has made this exploitation the meta. Have a cool video of a 15 min chase with no stops for stamina.

If you can get a key, why not be-able to open a Box and get one?

Few LI items you can get outside boxes to, Few of those Bosses aren’t even that hard to.
You get 2hand Maul from Were-hyena , Its such nice early weapon. =3

Let alone someone dropping you one.

They Key change is so Nice, since I tend start killing world bosses at lv40… Its nice to actaully get my rewards instead of holding on to the keys till lv60.

I agree with the fact that earned keys from you killing a world boss at level 19 should provide a key that only you should be able to use. What I don’t agree with is at level 19 being able to solo world bosses that can 1 hit you. Unless of course you have endless stamina and can not be hit. Any other game in contrast there is no way you would be able to do that. If you can sue to this meta exploit then why have a stamina bar? And change world bosses names to easy level 19 farm for legendary weapons. Because ever game you ever play will just hand you Legendary weapons at level 1 and you can solo a dragon! (Extreme sarcasm!)

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