[Input Request] Quality of Life improvements for building

japanese style sliding door would be good too.

  • Dyeing/Painting of Buildings
  • Reduce Collision box of tamed dancer thralls
  • Larger Foundation Types
  • Option to zoomout more, similar to overhead view.
  • preview for thrall crafting stations to determine where thralls are facing.

I am absolutely for all of these.

I would also like to see a way to edit crafting station thralls (what they are wearing, and more than one position to place them at the crafting station

An option to build fences with or without spikes

Ceiling Tiles that match Foundation Tiles (Reinforced Stone and Black Ice.)

More snapping options to use existing pieces in unconventional ways. Let us snap pillars to outer edges and corners of tiles,

let us partially sink items into the ground or foundation Like mitra wells into the ground so you can’t see the well anymore, just the statue spilling water. or gateways, I have a doorway about 2.5 foundations high, If I could intall a gateway with 1.5 foundations worth of height underground, it would be very cool.

An ability to stagger foundation heights. This kind of exists if you build against a cliff. In some spots you can have one foundation snap to it’s existing one, but popped up about 1/3 foundation higher than the surrounding ones,


Re: snapping for placing objects - oh yes please. I’ve replaced many stations, alters and chests as they are crooked when placed in relation to the walls etc around them.

If possible make it a toggle on or toggle off snap-to command for objects to be aligned to another building object Eg snap to wall with clearance so it doesn’t overlap but aligned so not crooked.

But importantly have it as a turn off function so you are not forced to have it snapped to anything if you do not wish it…ie keep as it is now if desired.

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I would love to see a better indicator that a piece lacks enough support to be placed. Maybe it can snap but glow red or another color unique to not enough support and show a low support message? That way you can build and not have to swap from building to equiping a repair hammer and checking everything for support.

Similarly a visual wall or border for the no building zones would really help align a base in those areas that are trickier to build. This is only for areas protected by the building not allowed type. This would exclude the land already claimed status as we won’t want to make finding enemy bases too easy.

Lastly, I am currently not able to place wedge foundations ontop of wedge ceiling pieces. I can place the square foundations on square ceiling tiles though. This is for the Aquilonian DLC pieces. I haven’t tried it with others yet. Rather than just glowing red and not snapping is it possible combinations that aren’t possible can have some sort of text? Also should T3 fences snap to walls to allow anti-climb or is it only snapping to foundations?

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All DLC foundations and ceilings have the same pattern, so i would really like if non dlc foundations and ceilings be the same, at least T3. I really love the way black ice foundation looks like, so if you add ceiling with such pattern it could give nice variety in building. (As for me i really like how black ice foundations combine with aquilonian ceilings).

For stability, how about when in build mode you see the stability percentage for each placed piece.

Can you please change it so if you leave a clan the building you built isnt left in the clans name and unable to enter it id very much like to keep my stuff ive played to make rather than it to be not mine because of a name thanks

You can actually still do this. You just have to build the walls first, then place the foundation next to it. So what I end up doing is placing 3 sandstone foundations in a line. (1 where you want the foundation to be, 2 more in a straight line away from it. Delete the 1 where you want your foundation to be located, and the second foundation in the line. build a sandstone ceiling, and place it where the second foundation was, install the wall, then place the permanent foundation next to the wall.

not denying that, just letting you know it is still possible with a bit of extra work in the current implementation.

Make it so all wedge tiles only lose 10 stability as opposed to 20 for squares as they are only half the surface area.

You also need to place 2 wedges (losing 40 stability) to get a parallel side.
Basically wedge ceilings cut your ceiling spans (and creativity) in half.

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Would like to be able to make building pieces in a workstation.

Ya, its part of building set up, RP wise I guess. Or in catogory of build of sorts of you include PC mod for crafting table that adds the ablitiy. I figure I’d include it.
Its in top of my changes for building… cause seeing them stuck in rags as I wait for them finish bricks or shaped wood drives me whacky. LOL

When you press I for inventory to perhaps do something with your weapon or swap things around, you are suddenly cut off from interfacing with your bar, sheathing your weapons etc. So you have to press I again, sheathe your weapons then press I again and start messing. It’s a small and basic but infuriating interface quality of life improvement.

Random roaming higher level beasties. Something walking a path you need to avoid (or hunt) Perhaps rare creatures with spawn times. Things that give randomness to traveling.

A warning for “Loot All”. Come on, we’ve all done it :wink: whilst we are here, i’m sure the keys change, and aren’t quite consistent for containers and inventory.

More error message detail for house piece placing that doesn’t work. Some can be lack of support (and that’s quite complex, but if the game knows, then it should tell us more support is required) Also and related, when you can place a foundation, but some how, higher up, the game won’t let you place anything due to borders or some unbeknown reason. That is infuriating, since you can plan your foundations, but get beaten by the game as you go up and miss a roof corner or something.

There’s already mods that do that, more decor won’t help official pvp and it would only be used to create more lag, if you RP then you’re not playing officials, so you can add mods to add more decor items.

Agree, totally agree.

Agree, totally agree, so pvp’ers can hide gas and explosive traps in bushes since they are completely visible by enemies making those traps useless in real gameplay.

Totally agree.

Mods dont work in consoles. we need more stuff. Or maybe, mods for console.

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For mods in console you know how it goes, as long as micro$oft or $ony can’t make a buck it will never happen. Sad but true. :frowning:

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I know, I bought the PC version and it did not work. I sent email to ■■■■■■ and they did not know how to respond about the error. So I bought the version of xbox one and all dlcs. but, it is very unstable on the console.

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Some building pieces like walls are difficult to see the inner and outer words when we’re trying to place Tier 3 over Tier 1 Sandstone. It would be nice if we could see these better than they are currently. Maybe changing the text color from black to neon yellow or something would help us see it better.

For DLC building materials, it would be nice if we had Tier 1 and Tier 2 pieces that look different as well as Tier 3. Not everyone builds with just Tier 3 and it would give us more variety of looks to build with. That would make me want to buy the DLC packs, as it is currently I can’t see much reason to buy them as we just get one Tier 3 look. I may be in the minority, but building is what I like most about this game so armor and warpaint textures don’t really make me want to spend my money, building varieties would.


As a community and as a multimode game RPers need just as much attention as us PvPers or the PvE(-c). Will it cause more lag I think it would be case by case but he isn’t asking for lots of small things just a few odds and ends.


I am not sure that re-picking up placeables is the way to go. Perhaps for some, certain, challenging to place placables. Or maybe anything placed can be picked back up if it is done within like 30-60 seconds. That way you cannot make functional use of the placeable, and then move it again without a resource expenditure. If you are pulling something up within 30-60 seconds, it’s likely because you didn’t get it placed exactly where you wanted it.

It would be nice if you could paint, or adjust the wooden plan directions after they’ve been placed. Again - maybe an adjustment period is available immediately following the placing. I have gotten pretty frustrated with that one wall that at the last moment flipped outer face for inner face. If you could immediately radial these, and swap them around, that would be HUGE!

The map room is notoriously finicky to get placed correctly. Fortunately, this placeable can be picked back up.
But yes - relaxing the placement capsule for this object would be extremely welcome.

Painting would definitely be cool. It would be neat to see a little more variety with each of the block styles. Not every color under the sun, mind. But if there were some kind of craftable dye or paint (or rare dye loot item / ingredient… see this post about prized Abyssal foundation blocks), that would be very welcome. I would only counsel to not go overboard with this. For example, I would dig seeing a couple of different colors for T1 sandstone. Original flavor, and then perhaps two more. But I would be aghast if there were 20 different varieties of T1 sandstone.

The recommendation in the link for improvements for placables snapping-to foundations and player structures is a good idea. If this is considered - I hope it would not be implemented in an all or nothing method. Whatever is tweaked should allow for both free-form placement (current) and for placables to snap-to through some kind of a toggle.

I kinda like finding that dude who carelessly placed his furnace to where it clips through his exterior wall so that I can loot it. Just the same - if this was corrected, at least I would still have open windows. :slight_smile: As another thought - if you make it so that recently placed structures can be picked up and replaced, this ought to be a somewhat reasonable workaround for someone who places a clipping placeable by accident, and then notices it. Strictly from a QoL perspective - the capsules on these common placeables that can clip walls should be identified and corrected.

I do like being able to stack storage chests on the top faces of some of the benches. To me, this is a benefitial way of staying organized… the chests on the armorer’s bench are obviously for leather, hides, etc. I hope that any adjustments that are made to placeables and overlap does not remove the ability to put chests on top of bench surfaces.

The higher the quality the hammer, absolutely there should be an additional benefit. Repair faster, or repair more efficiently, etc. If there is a repair tweak with the sieging pass to make repairing harder, the steel and star metal repair hammers might be a decent solution to combat raid-time-slowed repairing.

Placing some objects can sometimes be painful. However, I am not sure that I can think of anything to improve or optimize this. Except perhaps for making a pass on all of the large placables and their associated capsules to make sure that what is allowed matches relatively with their texture layers.

Larger foundation types. Hmm. I am not sure that I am a fan of this. I would prefer to have half-squares (triangles, Pythagorean hypotenuse distance structure nightmare for every other building piece) before getting larger foundation pieces. I see no need for larger pieces. Though - I suppose if there was a way to implement this that was a performance boon, I would be game for it. I don’t like the idea of a large swatch of my base getting bombed out because some raider was specifically targeting my Duplo foundations. :frowning:

The ability to set a placeable or structure preview would be huge. It would also be helpful if other players, or clanmates could see where you were trying to place to give you feedback on the placement. Both of these as features would be hugely beneficial. Having a click to preview, and then another click to set (think making a chess move, keeping your finger on the piece, seeing how it looks, and then removing your finger to set it) would be really cool. Whatever it is, though, hopefully it would be something that could be toggled so that it would not interfere with the player that just wants to quick-and-dirty place things quickly.

There are some very good ideas in this list. Thank you for engaging your players and seeking feedback! I look forward with what the team comes up with! :smiley: