[Input Request] Quality of Life improvements for building


I’ve taken the time to play some rust for the purpose of answering your question. When I’m playing rust it seems to demand that I click and then select to upgrade a building peice each time. (Not sure if I’m doing something wrong.) but my suggestion would be to have a hammer that upgraded the material as you swung it. So you select building tier either with a menu or by selecting a specific hammer, and then you walked around swinging it to perform the upgrades.


For the love of all that is holy, please allow us to see what direction the Frontier ceiling tiles will be oriented in BEFORE placing them. I literally went thru 50+ tiles last night just trying to get the wood grain for 10 to align properly. Considering these require hardened brick and steel reinforcements, that’s an absolutely infuriating waste of resources! A simple arrow overlay pointing in the direction of the wood grain is all that would be needed.

In fact, it would be nice if you could do this for every type of ceiling, plus the wedge ceilings and foundations as well. I hate having to break down wedges when a pillar doesn’t snap the right way when attached, and this would help a great deal.

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