[Input Request] Quality of Life improvements for siege/raiding


Aid ? No, but challenge, not much fun to replace doors or walls in the very first second they get destroyed, or just repair in a hit or two.

I understand this seems hardcore, but thats how I see PvP, maybe in other modes you can still repair while “in combat”, but then again, its much more fun defending your base fighting the intruders than just replacing stuff. (Perhaps a special legendary repairing hammer giving the wielder the power to repair during attacks from Raid/Purge, or a perk on survival tree).

I imagine this happening on those tower bases, “unraidable” in theory, once we get the fall dmg perk fixed a high tower protected with God Bubble will be a challenge to bring down! And once attacks dig a hole, the defender(s) would have to repel the climbing/ jumping visitors, blood boils on those encounters.


Arrow catapults and a small boulder catapults would be good.


My thoughts (Wall of text)

Give us a siege bench where we craft things used for attack. This centralizes where to build catapult pieces, siege cauldrons. This would also be where you craft the pieces for a battering ram, ballista, grappling hook or whatever items you add. It could basically be a re-skinnef artisan table that uses the same 3 thralls (armorer, carp, blacksmith).

I think the battering ram is a great idea. Give it a low durability that can’t be improved by reinforcement kits. I would start with it doing enough damage to break a basic wooden door in one hit. Whatever the damage, it should have just enough durability to brake a T3 gate, with maybe an extra swing in case you suck at aiming. If you want immersion with it, figure out a way that it has to be activated by multiple players, but that seems like more of a challenge than it’s worth. For an added bonus, make the siege cauldrons attack deplete a quarter of it’s durability if used successfully. Voila, siege cauldrons have a purpose!

To me ballistas should be a dual purpose weapon, based on ammo used. You can load them with standard or explosive shots (since we have that for trebuchets already) or you can craft a special ammo at a T3 Altar to damage avatars. No need to build a separate God killing machine. If they could be aimed like a large bow, they could be used as trebs against the “lollipop” style base. The key is for them to have a flat trajectory, as to me this is what differentiates it from a treb.

With regards to gods, they should definitely do more damage. This could be mitigated by making them more expensive to create the god coin, something like 750 zeal instead of 500. (While your looking at this, can you please balance out the amount of zeal given by priest clothes created at all altars. The Set pieces give way more zeal than other religions) If you want to make them more useful, give all gods a melee and ranged attack (left mouse vs. right mouse click). Mitra can let out a shout similar to the bat demons, Derketo throws a skull, Ymir does a thunder clap with his hands a la the Incredible Hulk, Set could spit venom. JSag could do a stomp as a melee attack. Yog is the only one I’m having trouble with.

I like the grappling hook. One way that you could balance it out is to give it a weight limit or a timer before it expires. Maybe this would only create a balance to them against offline raiding, but it was a thought.

Last thought - can we have a tar orb as opposed to a grease orb, something that creates a patch of stickiness. The purpose of this could be two fold. One, you could use them to slow down a player who walks across it, similar to how a grease orb makes the ground slippery. Second, jars should automatically be able to stick to any affected area, removing the “No contact with ground” and “Terrain conflict” messages that can make them so damn frustrating to place. AND if you threw it to against a wall, this would allow you to place a jar against the side of the wall. This would also allow us to raid bases built on a peak once we climb up there, but there is no ground to place it on. Hell, if we could throw a few on the ground for enough coverage, people could use them for building to fix how difficult altars and maprooms can be to place.


I was thinking of that the other day.

Maybe as follows
Derketo, seperate the heal and poison. Heal for clan mates, poison for enemies. This would make her viable while trying to rush the base to kill off the thralls and animals.
YMIR—like your suggestion. Maybe the clap does frostbite damage to enemies as well as structure damage.
Mitra Shout–same. like it, maybe adds a sunder to the enemy within the range with the structure damage.
Jhbal–like the stomp with the claws idea. causes bleed as well damage to structures.
Yog–maybe an ink blast that does cripple effect to players, and fire like DoT to structures (acid like).
Set-like the poison venom. Maybe has an acid like Dot on structures, with poison effect to players.


why it reminds me stronghold crusader xD
nah, for me Conan is mix of stronghold+forest+fallout - few good games make one excelent
just need dog cage for 100g wich kills your thralls xD

sry if u didnt played stronghold and i bothered you


idk about siege towers, i mean its nice idea but when evryone have diferent height of walls

ballista, yes please
maybe add to trebuchet poisonous stuff like at stronghold /cows/ wich deal aoe gas dmg

about vaults, maybe for now just add radius wich set minimal distancce from each other to some number

about thrall efectivnes, what about let them leveling, they alredy have that icon there set to 0
lvl thralls to lvl 60 seems too long, maybe lvl30 max with getting hp,dmg,stamina with each lvl by type/location

suidside animals, make some fast running animals kamikaze, bring on them bombs and let it auto boom or shoot on them arow/boom arow for bigger BOOOM in wall

more efective explosives to walls, counter chemical/magical stuff for black ice / u know some magic substance wich melt down black ice and create from t3 walls t1 or t2 depends on lvl/mage thrall/alchemist/siege engenier
wall will stay but be wery weak, and boom kamikaze gazzela appears
let that substance take time to work /10-20 secs /to u cant spam it at kamikaze animal along with just bombs

harder/more frequent purges, while they attack at doors/gates or on weakest walls


I think a few more antipersonnel (catapult and scorpion) and anti-turtle weapons (siege towers and trojan horse rams) would be great!

It would be incredible to have sorcerer thralls who put out extra healing. It’s risky to take your T3 priest to battle, but he helps heal you.

Murder holes, decking slits, and arrow slits would go a long way toward positive defenses. It would be a meaningful recipe to earn in say, mid-50s, the ability to shoot downward from your excellent tower.

Old-fashioned man-powered battering rams, siege catapults (small antipersonnel) and scorpions from the Middle Ages do have some crossover here. I always love piling four duders into a battering ram, in Age of Kings (Age of Empires), and letting it mash into an outer wall. I enjoy the spilling out of the men once they breach the city walls. I can imagine my pipe-hitting Nords jumping out inside a guy’s inner sanctum.


Murder rooms would be awesome, but we would need a proper gate for that…portcullis.

Out of the medieval era…I think “sticky” bombs would be good for taking out walls. One could make them out of tar and resin, throw then at a wall, then set them to explode using a flaming arrow.


Yes Machicolations


One suggestion could be a war. This is different from a raid. Raiding happens as normal. But a war is when both parties agree to fight. The point is to let the opposing clans bring thrall armies to fight each other. Perhaps there could be additional mechanics to this feature.

  • Want to ask for a Thrall to operate the Trebuchet. Preferably a T4 taskmaster. Aiming, firing, and reloading independently of the player. If the Thrall can also repair the Trebuchet on its own, provided the required resources, and ‘repair hammer’ are in the inventory, that would be great.


That would be nice, but aiming on his own I dont think the A.I would do such a thing (seeing as they barely can aim properly at players :p), but the player seting the aim, a Trhall that keep firing and repair after 3 shots would be hellla cool.


Do not know if it already is available as a pet, but for some mobile fire power,

  • Can the Mammoth be converted into a ‘pet’, and outfitted with a Trebuchet on its back?
    It will be slow going ofcourse, but still better than staying in one place.


Yes let have some thralls, to fire trebuchets also it would be useful to have a small catapults with wheels to move round.


I really like the sticky bomb idea.


Couldn’t read the whole thread but here my thoughts:

  • don’t change the repair mechanic. it’s already good and soon or late during a siege if you are defending you’re gonna run out of materials

  • limit 1 vault for player and not for clan

  • everyone should just forget about offline protection, it’s a survival game, you either spend your time playing or you’re just taking computing powers from people who are actually playing the game, if you don’t have the time stick to single player, i’m telling it for your sake and your sanity, people who are not playing shouldn’t impact the game performances for other people

  • ballistas to climb to unraidable bases, the ballista should be used only as a way to climb up to mountain peaks bases and should only attach to building pieces, much like in ARK abberation with the line for those wolf-type monsters to walk over crevaces, and something to cut off the ballista line, or maybe just “despawn” the line and the hook as soon as somebody repair the building piece where the hook is attached

  • no ramming stuff, just bring back the elephants and rinos damage to buildings we had during early access, maybe only during raid time



Thank you for all the suggestions, everyone! You’ve given us plenty of input to consider :slight_smile: