Insane Two-Hour 20+ Wave Purge

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: North America

Had an insane 20+ wave purge because it kept starting then stalling out, then starting over from scratch. All told, I think it restarted 3 or 4 times.

I believe the issue is that my thralls were all equipped with truncheons and too many thralls were KO’d vs. killed. When I finally requested aid from others on the server and instructed them to kill everything that wasn’t a T4 crafter, then it finally was able to complete after a whopping 2 hours!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Build a base on the island in the SE of J6.
  2. Equip about a dozen T3 fighters from Sepermeru with truncheons.
  3. KO almost everything, waiting until between waves to kill them.
  4. Wonder when you’re finally going to get the regrouping message until after a few minutes you’re informed that the exact same faction (Starved Exiles) will be attacking in 10 minutes. Observe that the purge meter has not depleted.
  5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 several times until you call for backup. 20190406222736_1

:smile: tired ?

Had this happen once on singleplayer, but was in one of my test-session, so this was ok, and kind of fun. But yes, can be owerhelming.
I imagine that here the truncheons played a rule in how the purge was handled, but still, sometimes is acting strangely.
But 20+ purges are just enormous !


Our group has been doing this on our servers for a while and haven’t had an issue. We do kill every NPC we aren’t saving at each wave though.

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Yep we kill the ones we don’t want too, but I wonder if it taking a while because it’s just two of us.

Our group is three, so not much larger.

From what I understand, purges are pretty bugged atm though. A couple of servers I play on have simply turned them off.

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I think that’s often the issue. Often one may be hidden or get lost somewhere, then the purge struggle at this state, and you have to go around and hunt the one missing. There are moments they’re nearly impossible to spot, and this may result in some loop.

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Back when I had more time to play and using the latest update to purges, I would knock out every NPC from each wave, then at the end of the 3-4 waves and victory, I would gather up all the sleeping NPCs in a pile, except the T4s, which went into the wheel. Next I run out of draw range and come back, so the NPCs would all stiffen up, then get to slaughtering. I generally would get some laggy moments, as each swing of the axe could hit 20+ NPCs at a time.

I never did get any restarting of the purge though. Just the regrouping or defeating of each wave normally.


Had this happen to us as well, the purge never ended though, and it wiped out all of our neighbors and never touched our base, which didn’t make for happy neighbors as we play PVE C and they accused us of being hackers and supposedly reported us :sweat_smile::joy:

The purge finally ended when the server was reset.


Hah! Yeah that’s why I always advise new players on our PvE not to build too close to others, especially if it’s a well-established player. This one player has had his base opened up 3 or 4 times by purges bound for my demense. He mentioned yesterday that he’s finally thinking of moving. XD


Hey there @Larathiel

Our team is aware of this issue (purge bar not depleting, possibly triggering THE PURGENING like in your case…) and they’re looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback and your efforts to keep the Exiled lands clean of the neverending stream of starved exiles.


wow if i get purge for 5hours ill be happy

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what i do with purge is let my thrall’s KO thrall and i go kill others after the wave fire poison arrows on unconscious thrall to find any named thrall if there is one then drag him on wheel then kill the normal ones


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