"(Insert Name) Was Here" Stake

This is an idea more for a pleasant community. I understand how they could perhaps clutter the area so I have an alternative idea along side it.
Main Idea: You get these stakes that have an “interaction” to allow you to log that you were there and at what time. You don’t type anything, just press interact.

Now people could go crazy spawning them everywhere, so a side idea to that is place 1 at every single landmark in the game. Then people can visit them. Like stamping a National Park Passport, ya know?

Let me know what you think!


This sounds like fun, I like it! :slight_smile:

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Sorry I don’t get this suggestion?
What’s the point of them?
When we discover an item we get a flash up notice on our screen that we found x … why would we need to click a marker as well?

I believe this is supposed to be like a Guest Registry that some bed and breakfast places have, or inns have.

You basically sign your name and when you were there. Others can come along and read that fact.

The main idea, honestly just feels like it’d be used for trolling. Guild would come in and drop a couple of dozen at someone else’s camp, just to be irritating. It’s online, so it’d happen soon enough, if implemented.

That is why, if you read the entire thing, the secondary idea allows for only one per landmark. It is exactly a registry. It is just to see who has discovered what.

And nothing pops up. You click on it, like I stated, and you see who has discovered the location at what time.

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I don’t know how to make it any less confusing if you just take in both parts of what I posted lol.

Could be part of the now existing profile, and you could chose to show it or no, to clan member only or all.

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