Insomnia RP [18+ Heavy RP-PvP, Races, Classes, d20 and more! New Server, Season 1)

Discord invite:

We are recruiting moderators and admins who wish to become a part of this project and help making it grow
We are also seeking a willing player to take up being the leader of the hub settlement with various perks and responsibilities.

Welcome to Insomnia! We welcome all RPer’s to come and become a part of this story, where actions will shape the experience. We have written a custom lore, with just few elements used from conan, and aim to highlight the mysteries, darkness, evil that your character may face, whether they embrace or resist it, and even if their life may end… what will they choose for their undeath?

“Yet another lost soul wonders into the lands. Across the darkwood coast, the silence has broken. It would seem to be a camp, docks filled goods from the ships, while further, the people were hard at work, building what one day may become, a great city. But for now, it may require -your- assistance. But beware… as your presence may disturb the underlying weave, and awaken the darkness, that was once preserved.”

• Heavy RP focus and Dark Fantasy setting.
• Lore discovered through IC events, locations, encounters and exploration.
• The story, and variables influenced by your characters!
• Many options for character customisation
• Great building and decorative potential with the mods that add plenty build pieces and deco items
• Choose one from the list of many races, and explore their custom abilities and weaknesses
• Choose a Class that will specialise your character
• A unique d20 system that accustoms for Racial Perks, Class Perks and Artefacts and Relics (Spells coming soon)
• Consent based PvP
• Death is feared and may come to anyone, but there is still a path beyond it.

○ XP Rate: x5
○ Harvest Rate: x3
○ Level 150 Kit
○ Starter Kit (Star Metal tools and basic benches to get you going fast. RP is priority)
○ Character Customisation Kits
○ Public Workshop

• Server Location: EU (UK)
• Steam Mod Collection: Steam Workshop::Insomnia RP Mod Collection

•Races & Classes
We offer you 30+ races to choose from, be it an undead, a demon, human, dwarf, or any other race. many come with their own abilities and weaknesses. For classes you can choose one of the 10 classes, inspired by dnd, some of which allow the use of magic. The classes also receive bonus kits and mechanical buffs through CRNC mod.

•Dark Fantasy lore
With all the fantasy races involved, the lore revolves around dark mysteries on the lands, where it is up to the character to be involved with the forbidden knowledge, and side by cursed and demonic beings, perhaps becoming one them self, or to resist, and face against it.
One may find a way into other realms, planes of existence that may contain various artefacts, that some crave for.

•d20 Dice and Consent based pvp
When it comes to encounters with other players or story characters, pvp only happens if all players agree, therefore you don’t to worry of being out geared or about lag.
The races and classes are selected to buff certain attributes of your character, and you may also seek out artefacts which provide further bonuses or capabilities.

Make your way towards the new settlement in the Darkwoods coast… it shall grow, but before it does it needs a leader.

The grim hills north of the new settlement… filled with graves and remains of those who lived before… so it seems, we are not the first… what secrets may these tombs and slabs hide…

The path leads on higher, glowing fungus, sprouting from the overgrowth, and each step forward make them appear only bigger. What use from these giant mushroom grove? WhileA shiver sense of magic is present…

Stop by the new built tavern at the harbour, a good drink before further travel, and perhaps meet someone new, who knows, with whom your stories may entwine.

Not many have walked this ground… which is an illusion, a mind play, as the true form of this realm only apparent to those beyond. Those on the other side of teh bridge between the existences
But some may, risk to embrace the magic to walk among the unseen…but how would they return?

Like the messengers have warned… those who rested under neath the grounds, over the overgrowth covered hills… will awaken… they will rise… they come and avenge the disturbed sleep… or maybe it is the unstable magic fuels them to walk…

Undeath has walked the lands free for days… but unfeared… but all may change when those who dare, will face the one, who’s untouched, wonders through the graves, raising those who were asleep.

The legends speak…of the ancient ruin… where the purest magic was siphoned into a single object.
It could create or destroy.
But upon unbalance, it was shattered, now the fragments, scattered but are found… all is left is bring them together… and find the ruin to craft it once again.

The world has shaken again…across the lands portals now are open… to other realms before unseen by mortal lives…

We are introducing Spells via the Roleplay Redux abilities system!

The list may increase in future, who knows :stuck_out_tongue:

Step into the unseen mist, where reality is at its purest shape yet questionable illusion.
The Beholder shall guide you