Instead of warning you that the mod is out of date, you get a join loop

Anytime my server has a mod update, I must update and reboot the server, but my players ALL get into a join loop where it keeps looping into the joining screen then restarting the process when it sees the mods are out of date instead of warning the user like the old way.

It’s exactly the same as it used to be. The join loop is created because they have Auto Subscribe and Auto Join enabled. They can uncheck the Auto Join feature and this will fix the loop for them but they still won’t be able to join the server until the server is updated.

This setting is found on the “Gameplay” tab of the settings. :wink:

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@croozi on the server I’m playing on everytime there is an update (and it’s almost every day) we get a message on discord and in game that we have to update such or such mod (unsub and resub to force Steam update)

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We do this too, but boy does this ‘new way’ suck.

It would be nice if they FIXED the auto-update and it worked on auto-join - that would just be nice.

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I have been hosting CE private modded servers for 4+years and this is NOT exactly the same as it used to be. It used to just stop at the mod list and say ‘mod is out of date’. Then if I missed the notice from discord, my players were able to let me know EXACTLY which mod was out of date - this time, it does not.

Then you reboot the server and made sure your client was updated.

Funcom is the destroyer of small player communities IMO.

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