Insurance policy

So after a bug which made me loose 4 years worth of lengeday items because the game made my corpse and loot decay instantaneously…

Can we have an insurance policy that if we hit a bug and loose all of our stuff we can get like 3 roll backs a year or something?

Base insurance in the bazaar for only 999 crom coins a month


Rollback would have to be server wide I’m pretty sure. Don’t think everyone would be happy to lose progress so you can get your gear back.


if only .in the cover of the game they put more information like .

Be careful. Be brave, the game is full of bugs.

After this .peoples can’t complain. good idea huh ?

I still don’t understand why the attachment to the stuff. I have two servers left of stuff and it’s just more chore to refresh (body vaulting is cheese). However I know my fridges full of undead will go away eventually as someone will stumble these storage spots.

Were you carrying your whole base on you?

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Character rollback doesn’t affect the entire server. It only reloads your character into the game where it left off during the last server reset. That’s when they make backups.

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But that only rolls back your character, not your base.

Yeah, he was talking about his character. Everything decayed from his corpse. Go check the OP again.

Four years of loot might be what triggered it to happen more than AI could handle.

Did it erase your character? @08wax08

Mmm I’m not sure about that.

Many of these issues I have also experienced.

I can’t seem to replicate the instant decay issue as it is random.

It has not happened with an empty body though…

I’ve pulled bracelet and attempting to summon corpse many many times in a row and no problems.

I’ve pulled bracelet and tried to go back to my body and nothing is there…

I’ve summoned corpse with no corpse showing, others could see it, sometimes not. Sometimes I’ve had to pull up the circle of power, sometimes the body spawns on the roof… etc.,…

While it is possible it may have something to do with a type of object in inventory imho I think it has more to do with the subject of dying at all.

There’s still a bug that pulling bracelet causes a 30 second timer instead of 10, I think it is just all around kinda broken, in ways that it is cascading?

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No I had a little inventory of adventuring gear,
I found a way to repair legendary items without a legendary repair kit, I also found a way to make gear to scale surfaces using hardly any stamina…

What it did was I died, because I stupidly fell off of something… It was right next to where I re spawned (30 seconds or less away)
When I went to the spot where my corpse was… There was no corps just a huge bag of my loot… As I went to click x on it… It vanished, I checked the map and there was no grave site, and I checked the server events and it said all my stuff had decayed…
There was no sorcery involved or anything…
And no bracelet removals…

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Nemedian helmet?

Climbing gear with gliding joints?

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Lol I can’t possibly confirm or deny anything!

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