Interaction with Fearghas Abernathy (to Initiate Stonehenge) Not Working

Hello! I went to Agartha to try and start the Stonehenge event, but whenever I talk to Fearghas Abernathy it just toggles HUD Interaction Mode. Help!

He is a little hard to target, I agree. He gives you a scenario reward mission, but I think you can still activate the scenario from Shift + V, then chose the Defense scenario option, in solo mode, if you’re doing it by yourself.

Hi duckeyeis, I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble accepting “The Equinox” from Fearghas Abernathy in Agartha. Are you able to see the mission icon before doing so, and have you had trouble accepting missions from any other mission providers, recently?

If you’ve had trouble accepting missions in general, it wouldn’t hurt to repair your game installation. You can find instructions for this here:

As Blodwedd said, you should also still be able to queue for an Occult Defence scenario at any time through the Activity Finder window (shift+v).

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