Interactive body visuals

As far as the title goes I just prefer seeing everything from my weapon wheel on my actual character. For example if I have a sword & shield in my wheel , it should be on each of my hips. Almost like an “invisible” utility belt. Certain foods can be shrunk (except drinks and soups of course) and be towards the back on a small hook just dangling yunno? 2h swords obviously on your back , all I’m saying is I actually wanna see it. It should be two in the front (maybe a skinning knife and cleaver) , two on the side (weapon and shield or daggers) , and two in the back. (food and torch) I think they can down size the pick + hatchet and place them on the outside of your thighs.

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This would just look godawful.

I mean, there are 8 slots on the wheel, your character would look like crap if they had hatchets, pickaxes, weapons and shields, potions, or whatever else all gobbed onto them at once.

Definitely has to be a hard no.

Every time you took a step you would take damage and be inflicted with bleeding.

Though as my character likes to mine stone in the nude, it does beg the question where he stores not only the vast quantities of stone but also the picks, repair kits etc.

Some questions, however, do not need answers.

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The Fashionist mod now has an option to show the weapon or tool you used last show on your belt/back.

The daggers on my belt looked nice. Everything else… well, I turned that feature off as soon as I figured out how.

From a practical perspective, the game has a vast amount of weapons, tools and shields, and lots of different armor and clothing options, and the weapons on your belt would need to be calibrated for each outfit separately so as not to clip into clothing graphics. The Hyrkanian Raider and Darfari Cannibal outfits have quite different belt configurations.

And then there’s the matter Mikey tactfully leaves undescribed. Sometimes the lack of a belt would cause strange and unrealistic situations which are, admittedly, strange and unrealistic as they are now, but it’s easier to handwave something you can’t see than a big axe levitating in a conspicuous manner on your hip.

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I prefer to see the gear on my characters as well in general, tho this is sadly beyond devs’ approach usually. They are either newbies, literally unable to tackle the level of quality, or they can’t fathom the bigger picture and thus they simply “swipe to the left”. There are some teams that do recognise full potential (even less will actually get there, I wager). However, they don’t usually end up in the spotlight.

Not all games need to go exactly as deep and wide enough as the others tho, to give the same level of satisfaction. As long as the illusion is intact, there are no issues.

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