Interactive Tent

This is just a suggestion for something you can do with no benefit or harm to it.
Think kinda like what Klei did with tents in Don’t Starve, but not any of the additives. Just an animation, perhaps:
-Lift the flap, walk in, flap closes.
-Flap behaves like the flags, player just walks through it with the interaction, then sits or lays down, perhaps.
-Flap is open (or no flap at all), player sits down or lays down with the interaction

Lemme know what you think!

*Remember to not be facetious to people suggesting things. Good constructive critisism is only helpful if you are pleasant about it.

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I would be happy with a tent giving full shelter.
Just as a provisory shelter. Sure it’s not strong, will not protect you against strong ennemis and such, but still a shelter for a night, or while the sandstorm is blowing. Sure a tent would need to be repaired often, maybe ever after some sandstorms.

Flap could be nice, for immersion, but not needed for me. Like said, shelter is more important at my eyes. So they could use the tents allready in game.

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