Interesting Dilemma, Need Advice

Do you want to get banned? Because that’s how you get banned :wink:


I’d never actually expect them to pay me rent of course but if I had a base there first and they built inside of it like that me building the wall around them would fall under me adding to my base so I shouldn’t be able to get into any trouble for that. Though I would put a sign saying something to them about getting off my front lawn :rofl:

Yeah, the key word being “shouldn’t”, but that assumes that the admins know the whole story. Unlike a private server, an official server doesn’t have dedicated admins that are part of that server’s community. An admin receives a report, comes to the server, looks at the stuff there, and makes a decision. They don’t stop to chat with the players there, they don’t organize a trial where they question witnesses, they just come in and do their job.

So rather than saying “eh, this shouldn’t get me into any trouble”, you might wanna ask yourself “what does this look like?” Bonus point for asking yourself “even though I know my story is true, could anyone use the same story to pretend they’re not breaking the rules?”

I’m not 100% sure, but I think the game database does not store the timestamp when a piece was placed, so there’s pretty much no way for an admin to look at the situation and know for certain that your wall and your base were there before these people built their shack.

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The in game event log holds time stamps for when you or a clan member does something and in the case of PVP it keeps the time stamp of when a rival player destroys something you built. Also what I didn’t say that I would do in my initial comment on the post was that I’d have made a report about them invading my camp like that before I did anything else. I know I should’ve said that to begin with but I was mostly trying to be funny about it at the at the same time hence the emojis. But the report would cover me so that I’d have a log of what was done before I did anything in retaliation to the troll.

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Well, I don’t have any advice. This just reminded me that I did the same thing on a PvP server once. Found a way past the anti climb on the Great Wall of Hyboria that surrounded their massive base. Discovered there was enough room to build in their “courtyard” so I set my clan name to Shenanigans, put a rather tall tower right in the middle of said courtyard with a hidden square containing a bedroll for easy suicide refresh, then waited to see what would happen.

They never logged back in and their base went into decay…

So much for my attempt at trolling.

An interesting problem. I do think the concerns as to whether or not you have built “too big” are valid and should be considered before reporting. CE encourages castle building to be sure, although the line at which “courtyards” turns into land claim I am unsure.

If 39 other players built like you do, would the server be a reasonably good place to play? If you are satisfied with that answer (assuming you are well intentioned) you are probably okay.

One of the few times I’m glad to be a PvPer. :amphora: :boom:

Can’t check right now, but I don’t think placing the pieces is logged.

That’s actually an interesting idea. I wonder how that would unfold.

Their land claim is wide enough to prevent me from boxing them in. The most I did was complete the missing sections of wall and put up fencing on both sides.

I know the feeling. I have that initial reaction too but I wanted to put this out to the community to vet some opinions. My first thought is that they set me up to look like the culprit.

I’d love to but I got this feeling that I’m escalating something lol


Unfortunately, depending on interpretation of community guidelines, they could fault me.

For now I placed a sign asking them to add me so we can talk.


Good idea. You have not heard from them yet?


You are right that the admins give little thought outside of their interpretation of guidelines. This could all end with me being banned despite everything. :man_shrugging:

I really wish they do have a way. But that’s too hopeful lol

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That’s cool. listening to your experience can help also!

Interesting, does pvp follow different guidelines?

I’d say better luck next time but I’m kinda on the receiving end here lol


It took me a couple days and checking other similar builds in the servers I play in to make a decision. It is a valid question.

Another good question. I think my choice of location was well thought out. Away from popular build areas, no significant resources, geographically tucked away from being easily seen from a distance.

One of few times I envy a pvp player lol


As of now, they have less than 60 hours until decay. No word yet. Maybe it really was just a means to prank me :man_shrugging:


So on closer inspection of your photos they have a statue of guidance outside. In order to craft this I believe they need a temple of mitra, which is the highest tier of temple. So you should look at any clan with a mitra temple on the map.

If you cant find a temple from the same clan, I can guarantee they are using an alt account to troll you, and have just set up like that as attempt to avoid the rules. If you can locate a mitra temple on your map, it will be one of those players. Most likely the closest one to you.

Also they will most likely refresh at the last minute, but hopefully they forget…

I’m just wondering does your wall block a pathway by any chance?

P.s. To the people saying that you have done this to other people… shame on you!


That’s a good idea. I didn’t even consider the thought. Thanks!

This is very possible. I think I remember seeing the clan name once about a year ago.

From the swamp obelisk, i can think of 3 paths to reach or go around me.


Well I take that as a yes then… honestly that is usually the reason people do this kind of thing. Not that this is justified, but blocking paths is often seen as a problem regardless of alternative routes.

Hopefully their base decays, but I’d advise allowing access to all paths in the future once this issue is resolved.

Good Luck!


Agreed, I’ll patch up some open claim spots and open up the base so everyone can cut through once I’m over this episode.


Yes, PvP is different in that you can destroy other people’s bases/buildings. I expected them to blow the tower up then come looking for me.

Though you never know how things will go on PvP servers. I could have simply blasted into their base and taken everything much easier due to their anti climb wall being flawed. The tower built inside their wall was a way of ribbing, or trolling them if you prefer, in a way they couldn’t possibly miss that they had mucked up their defenses.

It’s even possible they might have been thankful for me highlighting the weakness, so they could fix it, without taking advantage of it.