Interesting possible mechanic for the PVP flags

this needs to be placed over player land claim, it could also be used to help clear the floating ever lasting thralls that lost their building (no land claim)

i think that land claiming the area where flying thralls or abandoned thralls are , and adding the flag making them vulnerable for attack , could help get rid of them.

of course thralls that are under their master land claim (in a building of in close proximity) will be invulnerable because you cant place the flag near them (due to owner land claim)

making them capturable or kill able could resolve the issue that was brought when they remove the feeding stuff…


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Yes allow thralls to participate in combat under the flags.

So PvE players finally notice how frustrating it is to get 2-shot by a stupid thrall.

They should give thralls a maximum building decay timer, with a requirement to be within a certain proximity to refresh the timer. And allow us to return them to inventory.

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Probably exploitable and probably why they don’t affect Thralls and pets now (per the dev stream).

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