Interesting test results

So last night I ran a rather interesting test to see who would win between 2 groups of 10 thralls. Both were Rhts and had the same armor but 1 group was using katana (notorious for breaking ai) and the other was using shields and a 1h weapon. Turns out the katana won a solid 10 kills to 2. I kinda suspected this would happen because shields also break the ai but the test was to see which one more consistently breaks the ai. The katana only breaks the ai with the heavy finisher where the shield can break the ai at multiple points.

  1. the thrall can get stuck in permanent block mode
  2. the thrall having 2 items confuses the code so it won’t know which to use
  3. the ai will repeat the check after every complete action or on hit making every attack made or taken a potential breaking point
  4. getting hit makes the thrall prioritize the shield causing a breaking point
    And this is just a small scale test and 1 observation. The results were very clear however.

My advice is do not give thralls shields.

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I give my melee fighters a 1H mace sometimes a 1H axe, but no shield no 2HWeapon.
My true issue with thralls are behaviour of archers on walls.

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I am also investigating that one. I think is ta a matter of tactics settings but yeah.

As for thrall weapons the best option is whatever complements your set best. I usually run with venom infused daggers, forgelight and a 1handed axe so the only status effect I can’t reliably put on the enemy is cripple so I cive my thralls a greatsword when I even bother using thralls at all. Wide reach and high damage make it easier for them to hit and make kills quicker.

Since Aja’s bane only does more damage than sword of Crom when Aja’s bane has 2 stacks of sunder and sword of Crom has 0 and I am maintaining 5 stacks myself, the sword of Crom is much better for my needs givin my Loadout.

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