Interface insanity

While I really enjoy the game, the interface is nothing short of terrible, to be honest.
It feels like one of those console ports with an added mouse cursor to be able to click the oversized buttons, and key associations change depending on situation and item… The “give” function in the inventory is sometimes bound to a key and sometimes it’s not… Same with other functions. It really drives me insane.

Another thing is the clicking and dragging and dropping of everything I do. In a game that needs you to move lots of material, resources, stuff around from inventory to somewhere else and regularly change the quickbar to properly build and get ready for combat again, the interface is absolute uncomfortable and clunky.

The way to go would be:

  • a solid, always working “transfer item” keybind
  • usable shortcuts on hovering over items, not after selecting them
  • assigning items directly to quickslots by hovering over them and pressing the quickslot button I want it to go, swapping places with the item that’s currently there
  • more solid, always working keybinds

I get that on console there’s a limited number of buttons available and I get that there’s also no mouse cursor, but making an interface for consoles and using it for a PC version with the same functionality really doesn’t work.
It’s an overdue quality of life change that would make the game feel so much modern and functional. Interface is crazily important for some people.


I agree, the GUI could be much friendlier for pc-users.
That’s the actual trend, consoles are everywhere, and pc-gamers have often to pay the bill here unfortunately. It’s bad, because it may let a bad feeling between communities often.

I use a mod since EA for a smaller GUI, this at least resolve some of the inconvenient for of course not all. :wink:

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