Interface: Moving the top-of-screen notification text

Any idea how to do this?

Been playing around with the GUI debugger (/option flash_test_gui true) but haven’t found it yet (and of course, those changes revert upon logout).

I rearranged some of UI elements to be at the top and I’d rather not have this text scrolling across them all the time. Rather put it somewhere I can read it.


Are you talking about the ‘Fade In Fade Out’ text?

Maybe? I’m talking about the sometimes-scrolling notification text at the top center of the screen. It says things like “Completed: Mission whatever” or “You do not have enough corruption for that skill.”

That is the Fade In/Fade Out text.

F10 > Interface Options > HUD Functionality > On-Screen Text > tick off the "Show on-screen ‘Fade In/Fade Out’ message to remove it.

You can find the option in the GUI Debugger. Look for the lines
+40_root.fifo_x=960 _y=50

You can change the x and y to set where on the screen you want it displayed.


There is also an option to edit the Prefs file in C:\Users\your username here\AppData\Local\Funcom\SWL\Prefs\your charactername here\Prefs_2.xml (can be Prefs, Prefs_2, or Prefs_3)

Fins this string: Value value=“120” name=“FeedbackGUI_FIFO_ScreenPos”

… or play around with FIFO strings. There are multiple.

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Wonderful. Thank you.

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