Interiors DLC for decor

I was thinking that we have all sorts of different cultures for DLC and that includes building styles etc but what we don’t have is room specific items…I want libraries, kitchens, dens, bedrooms etc that would come with various interior walls fitting for the rooms (maybe two toned for hallway or customizable to any normal wall vs specific room) and placeables. It could be one DLC for all of them and you can get different clothings for your house thralls. Also release it with the a general update ability to dress your crafting thralls into different clothing.


That part might be cool. The lack of that ability has hit me a few times.


Yes, please! And add a variety of interior walls into the mix, while we’re at it. (By “interior walls”, I mean walls that look identical on both sides.)


I wonder if a painting system would suffice…?

This has been overdue since EA.


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